From Hal Leonard vocal music, Hal Leonard choir music and Hal Leonard piano music, to Hal Leonard guitar music, Hal Leonard violin music, and Hal Leonard flute music, you won't find a larger collection of Hal Leonard songbooks anywhere. If you're looking for Hal Leonard songbooks and instructional materials, click here. MyLibrary is compatible with PC, Mac and mobile devices. For over 60 years, we've been publishing and distributing publications for virtually every type of instrument and ensemble. (If you have purchased a Hal Leonard Digital Book, then your email receipt will contain a 16-digit code.) If you're looking for Backbeat Books, Amadeus Press, Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, or Limelight Editions, click here. Access codes are unique to each purchased copy of a book. For audio playback, our new PLAYBACK+ player will be displayed allowing you to adjust the speed, pitch, balance and set loop points per your preference. A printed music catalogue representing many of the world’s best known and most respected music publishers, artists, songwriters, arrangers and instrument manufacturers. 9 Chapter One 8th-note Beats This chapter begins with rock beats featuring both 8th-note and quarter-note ride patterns. Free and ad-free, My Library allows you to store your personal library and to perform a quick search within it. To stream the tracks through our MyLibrary page, simply click “Expand All” to view all available tracks, then "Play" to open the media player. Only the unique code is needed; no other registration is required. Content can be accessed whenever you want, and multiple times. See all Hal Leonard Sheet Music About Hal Leonard, Hal Leonard Music. The examples in this section are all in 4/4 time, which is the most common time signature used in rock music. Welcome to Hal Leonard Europe, part of the Hal Leonard group of companies — the world’s largest source of music publications. Browse music from Hal Leonard, the world's largest music publisher. Welcome to Hal Leonard Online, the internet home for the world's largest music print publisher.

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