Wilmington is a port city and the county seat of New Hanover County in coastal southeastern North Carolina, United States. Wilmington has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa), with the following characteristics: Wilmington boasts a large historic district encompassing nearly 300 blocks. "Dream Stage 10," the facility's newest sound stage, is the third-largest in the US. The airport maintains a separate International Terminal providing a full service Federal Inspection Station to clear international flights. They were founded in 1974 and hosts the annual Cape Fear Sevens Tournament held over July 4 weekend; hosting teams from all over the world. & Closures Thursday November 26 th, Thanksgiving Day Trash & Recycling Service Reminders:. The Wilmington Gas Light Company was established in 1854. A daily online newspaper, Port City Daily (portcitydaily.com), is owned by Local Voice Media. They were founded in 1996 and played in the United Soccer Leagues Second Division. The building itself was rededicated in Ms. Block's name in 2006 and restored to its 1943 wartime character in 2008. [7] City residents live between the river and the ocean, with four nearby beach communities: Fort Fisher, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, all within half-hour drives from downtown Wilmington. There were more black bootmakers/shoemakers than white ones, and half of the city's tailors were black. The city was a main stop-over point, contributing greatly to its commerce.[13]. Popular television series like Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Sleepy Hollow, SIX,[118] Good Behavior, Eastbound and Down and Under The Dome[119] were filmed at the studio and on location throughout the city. The first camp was located on the corner of Shipyard Boulevard and Carolina Beach Road; it was moved downtown to Ann Street, between 8th and 10th avenues, when it outgrew the original location. [42] Just a day later the city council approved $142,000 in funding for a gang investigative unit.[43]. Wilmington is also served by Amtrak Thruway bus connections to Wilson, North Carolina where connections can be made with Amtrak's Carolinian and Palmetto. [54] It also connects to the River to Sea Bikeway and the under-construction Central College Trail and Greenville Loop Trail. The University of North Carolina Wilmington sponsors 19 intercollegiate sports and has held Division 1 membership in the NCAA since 1977. When the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act the following year, designed to raise revenue for the Crown with a kind of tax on shipping, Wilmington was the site of an elaborate demonstration against it. Located on the Cape Fear River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, Wilmington is a sizable seaport, including private marine terminals and the North Carolina State Ports Authority's Port of Wilmington. Encore Magazine is a weekly arts and entertainment publication. [23], Following these events, the North Carolina legislature passed a new constitution that raised barriers to voter registration, imposing requirements for poll taxes and literacy tests that effectively disfranchised most black voters, following the example of the state of Mississippi. The following day, as many as a thousand men, including the mayor and aldermen of Wilmington, were led by Cornelius Harnett to Brunswick to confront Tryon. Normal July mean temperature: 81.1 °F (27.3 °C). The Wilmington Hammerheads are a professional soccer team based in Wilmington. The group organized as the Sons of Liberty and pledged to block implementation of the Stamp Act. During the Reconstruction era, former free blacks and newly emancipated freedmen built a community in the city. Since 1995, Wilmington hosts an annual, nationally recognized, independent film festival called "Cucalorus. Three of the city's aldermen were black. In the Wilmington massacre of 1898, white supremacists launched a coup which overthrew the legitimately-elected local Fusionist government. The Wilmington television market is ranked 130 in the United States, and is the smallest DMA in North Carolina. When the railroad line was completed in 1840, it was the longest single line of railroad track in the world. The coldest month in recorded history was January 1977, averaging 35.7 °F (2.1 °C). Wilmington is the principal city of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area, a metropolitan area that includes New Hanover and Pender counties in southeastern North Carolina,[4] which has a population of 263,429 as of the 2012 Census Estimate. They own their own rugby pitch located at 21st and Chestnut St.[143], Off and on, from 1900 to 2001, Wilmington has been home to a professional minor league baseball team. Wilmington was chosen as the test market because the area's digital channel positions will remain unchanged after the transition. The shipyard was created as part of the U.S. government's Emergency Shipbuilding Program. "Law and Disorder: The North Carolina Stamp Act Crisis", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Wilmington, North Carolina, in the Civil War, Confederate and privately owned blockade runners, Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority, Category:Companies based in Wilmington, North Carolina, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, St. Mark Catholic School (Wilmington, North Carolina), St. Mary Catholic Church (Wilmington, North Carolina), List of television stations in North Carolina, New Hanover County Extension Service Arboretum, University of North Carolina at Wilmington Arboretum, United States Declaration of Independence, 28th United States Colored Infantry Regiment, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Wilmington, North Carolina, "Table 1. The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. [48][49][50] The airport is also home to two fixed-base operations (FBO's) which currently house over 100 private aircraft. During the Revolutionary War, the British maintained a garrison at Fort Johnston near Wilmington. Soon after, street lights were powered by gas made from lightwood and rosin, replacing the old street oil lamps. [6] It is minutes away from nearby beaches. The railroad also controlled a fleet of steamboats that ran between Wilmington and Charleston; these were used both for passenger travel and transportation of freight. [13] By 1767, slaves accounted for more than 62% of the population of the Lower Cape Fear region. In response, numerous residents from southern counties met in Wilmington. 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The cemetery's first interment, on February 6, 1855, was six-year-old Annie deRosset. [26], At the time, black people accounted for over 30% of Wilmington's skilled craftsmen, such as mechanics, carpenters, jewelers, watchmakers, painters, plasterers, plumbers, stevedores, blacksmiths, masons, and wheelwrights. During the Civil War, the port was the major base for Confederate and privately owned blockade runners, which delivered badly needed supplies from England. The ceremony was marked by governmental and television representatives flipping a large switch (marked with the slogan "First in Flight, First in Digital") from analog to digital.[142]. [17], Tryon, after having received his official commission as governor (a position he had assumed only after the death of Arthur Dobbs), was brought to Wilmington by Captain Constantine Phipps on a barge from the Diligence, and "was received cordially by the gentlemen of the borough."

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