Our Sockeye Salmon fillets are hand-picked, all natural, and stand out because of their rich flavor, deep red color and high Omega 3 content. Experience the taste of quality fish with rich, health benefits. There is barely any fishiness. Also, sockeye salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Amanda (verified owner) – November 4, 2017. There really is no wrong way to prepare this delectable cut of fish. (verified owner) – December 15, 2017. dennis_c (verified owner) – August 7, 2017. DAVID GUZMAN We will continue to order it. The ordering and shipping service is impressively excellent!! (verified owner) – December 28, 2016. Be the first to review “Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – Wild Caught” Cancel reply. Fishery: Alaska Glacier. Fresh whole salmon can cost $17 to $25, depending on the type of salmon. (verified owner) – July 10, 2018. I order sockeye salmon , cannot compare to the salmon here in new York…the best fish ever!!!!! Salmon. Fillet. The full flavor fish has a medium-firm texture and makes a great meal whether it is grilled, baked, poached or broiled. Can’t wait. It’s great prepared on cedar planks! Wild caught in the rugged waters of the Copper River, this Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is flown jet-fresh to your Club in 36 hours or less. Processed and packaged within hours of being caught to guarantee freshness, were certain once you’ve had this fillet of salmon you’ll be coming back for more. So fresh, firm, great color, and had an amazing taste. Still frozen when arrived. Mike I won’t repeat all my rambling, but if you see it, just think FIVE (5) STARS! I big thumbs up to Tanner’s Fish!!!!!! This is our fourth order of sockeye salmon, love the fresh taste. Price is great. JWH – Houston White King salmon can be in the $20 per pound range as well. The Pride of Bristol Bay offers sockeye prices as low as $16.99 per pound with delivery, but you must order a minimum of 20 lbs. Honestly the best salmon we have ever tasted. Fillets. Calories: 130 Living in San Francisco you really have to be a cut above with seafood and this order far exceeds my expectations. It is very good quality. Member's Mark Salmon Fillets are sustainably harvested and held to the high standards of the Alaska Regional Fishery Management. “Going back a few weeks it was reported that Russian boats did not even want to make commitments at the higher prices as they wanted pricing at even higher levels,” Cadence said. It arrived exactly as promised and was packaged perfectly in a styrofoam cooler. Tanners sockeye salmon is the BEST salmon my husband & I have ever eaten. (verified owner) – January 25, 2017. The fish were totally frozen when they arrived. (verified owner) – January 28, 2018. Mitch Berg Baked it with some breadcrumb, butter and Parmesan topping. The “wild caught” salmon for sale in a typical grocery or specialty butcher shop is initially frozen, spend who knows how much time where and is often thawing on ice and then refrozen from the fish display until eventually sold. Really fresh..melts in your mouth. It was fantastic. mdelguercio AMAZING! Keep up the great work. Fresh caught in the cold waters of Alaska, our sockeye salmon has a distinctive bright-red color and rich flavor – the perfect choice for heart-healthy diets! Out of stock. Thank you Tanner’s!!! (verified owner) – December 22, 2017. The salmon arrived fully frozen. Salmon tastes great. Most sockeye is very fishy. We ordered 4 lbs. If you’re used to buying grocery store salmon, this ain’t it…no excess water, no odor…love it. Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is one of the most sought after Salmon in the world. Outstanding service and delivery….I couldn’t have flown to Alaska and caught it any faster! (verified owner) – March 29, 2017, Ordered 10 lbz, came frozen and on time

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