Here are the cheapest homes up for sale in Berkshire right now, Reading Golf Club hasn't given up on plans to build 260 homes - despite huge local opposition, More than 2,000 people have backed a campaign to 'Keep Emmer Green', Sophie is back reviewing more of your seasonal favourites - including Yorkshire puddings, maple bacon whorls and more, How foodbanks are helping Berkshire families this Christmas, The Covid-19 pandemic has seen more people requiring assistance from foodbanks, We rated 2020 Christmas adverts and two of them had us weeping, Slough beats seaside city Brighton to be crowned warmest place in the UK during winter, The town typically has 63.8 hours of sunshine during the winter months, Newbury woman makes incredible guitars after motorbike accident leaves her unable to work, However, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the guitar's aren't selling like they used to, We fact-checked David Brent's Slough Song and here's what we found, The Office star included lots of facts about the Berkshire town, Reading FC player ratings after Bristol City victory - Meite and Joao shine as Royals return to winning ways, Our on the whistle verdict for each Royal on Saturday afternoon. Work within a fume hood or appropriate engineering control. Could robot bartenders be coming to Berkshire? Wrap glass desiccators with friction or electrical tape in a grid pattern, leaving the contents visible; this will guard against flying glass in case of implosion. Educate researchers in vacuum techniques. Process-specific PPE may include cut-resistant gloves, full length lab coats/gowns, and a face shield/safety goggles. Consider other factors that could possibly reduce risks, such as: Use low intensity vacuum devices, use smaller flasks, assure vacuum is released at the vacuum pump before removing vacuum flask/glassware, and make sure glassware under vacuum is not located where it could be bumped or struck. Immediately report the incident to the PI or lab supervisor, as all injuries from lab incidents exposures and near miss incidents should be reported to these individuals. There's also a point to be made about how you'll likely be wearing mittens or gloves if you encounter solid ice, hence the punch delivered would be less likely to injure you than if you punched a window inside the house barehandedly. Please see the table below. Researchers should consult with their supervisor prior to introducing any new processes in their research lab. Working with glass tubes or Pasteur pipettes. Gloves with textured/slip-resistant palms or cut-resistant inner gloves are recommended. They should also check for the presence of condensed liquid air (oxygen condensation) in the cryotrap before starting a Schlenk line work because this condition may lead to explosions. Check the glassware to ensure it is free of cracks, flaws or scratches. Let’s start with the basics. You can unsubscribe at any time. All research labs should have cut/puncture-resistant gloves similar to Kevlar® or D-Flex® and an approved sharps disposal container large enough to contain broken glass. The fine can rise to £2,000 if the matter is taken to court. Relevance. In the event of an injury involving a broken glass or sharp instrument, the following steps should be followed: Specific activities involving glassware are discussed in Appendix A. 2 Answers. Purchase commercially available aspirator flasks with prefabricated stopped/Pyrex glass tubing assemblies. The new scheme has come about thanks to a partnership between community safety officers, schools, Bracknell Forest’s licensing staff, neighbourhood watch co-ordinators and the police. The purpose of this research safety guidance is to prevent and/or minimize broken glass injuries while handling laboratory glassware through: This guidance applies to all research and teaching labs, manufacturing units, and staff and students who handle glassware in lab experiments, e.g., making media, reagent preparation, synthesis, analysis, vacuum techniques, and glassware cleaning. Do not use a thermometer as a stirring rod. For distillation or reflux experiments with air/moisture sensitive reagents, thermometers with a ‘ground-glass joint’ is highly recommended. The posters will be displayed at sports centres, in the borough’s libraries, youth centres, schools, parks and open spaces. Answer Save. Wear slip-resistant or cut-resistant gloves when handling glass to prevent cuts, abrasions, and skin puncture. Touch Screen Malfunction. Why is broken glass dangerous? Wear cut-resistant gloves and safety glasses with side shields. These include working with, handling, or procedures involving the following: Special thanks to Professor Laurence Fuortes for reviewing the draft document.

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