So naturally, my fathers policy must be ok and did not need to go through all the re-applying for a new policy, as my mother's policy did. To apply for a position with UnitedHealth Group, visit our Careers website. 2690 0 obj <> endobj It is your responsibility to inform your province/territory of a change of address. h޴VT�i~��5#s�i�e�RC�H2$��R�i�Ԭ�Rn�"l�%~�S���ɝ�H��ɥp,�mV��$Z��������%��9�{v�3����������{���%��0��^�y�3�F�NNB9�h���9r��"@��)��=���f,���d�/}��k~P*]�z�~� �SX�}#�N���U��}b~]��N_��`������# United HealthCare Services Customer Service, change of address, notified them, cancelled our policy without any notification. It is not necessary to inform us of a change of address unless you are waiting to receive a confirmation of SIN letter. The law requires you to inform the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of your change of address. Use the following address to send UnitedHealthcare correspondence through the mail if you have a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. Call the number on your member ID card for general health plan information. and UHCLD-POL 2/2008 et al., in Texas on forms LASD-POL-TX(05/03) and UHCLD-POL 2/2008-TX and in Virginia on LASD-POL(05/03) and UHCLD-POL 2/2008. THAT IS THE BUSINESS THAT UHC IS IN, AND THEY LET THEIR CLIENTS POLICY LAPSE WITH OUT ANY NOTICE OR NOTIFICATION?? So, having to go through all of this, I inquired about my fathers policy plan, and had UHC check. Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0607 . Well had we known, this should have been done back when we notified them of our address change. If you don't have your card with you or you're uncertain of the address, you can send it to: UnitedHealthcare of the River … So, instead of them providing us with proper care in making sure we have insurance, in which they should because that is their business is selling insurance, they just let it lapse, and with NO notification to us, we did not discover this until half way through December, when she was denied her medication because her policy had lapsed. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or prescription drug plan with a monthly premium, you have several options for paying. UnitedHealthcare. December rolls around and my father was still able to get his monthly prescriptions without a problem, BUT for my mothers medication, the pharmacist informed us that her insurance plan ceased as of Nov 30, 2015. We come to find out, because of the change of address, her previous plan had to be changed, so we had to re-apply for another policy. ; Automatic payments from checking account … the sales rep that took my fathers information in February, as I was letting them know how upsetting this is, and that this should have never happened like this, especially the policy lapse without any notices, phone calls or messages, and she was saying that this needs to be taken up to a customer service supervisor or to a higher level or escalated customer service matter, for further investigation on such a policy lapse, in order for us to get this policy retroactive for the current month with no policy in place. Moreover, it is important that you keep your address up-to-date in order to keep your OHIP coverage active. UnitedHealthcare SCO is a Coordinated Care plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medicaid program. 2. Did U have a... kyu gennuine kaise huya, isne lauda de diya tere muh mein? © 2004-2020 But, why only my mothers policy and not my father's policy, when we notified UHC of the change at the same time?? The change of address information was mailed in, in writing AND over the phone, prior to completing the move, which was during November to UHC. Life and Disability products are provided on policy forms LASD-POL (05/03) et al.

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