See All Waterfowl. Favorite Add to Ducks tree decoration, Personalised Christmas decoration, ducks christmas, babies 1st christmas decoration, ceramic SunnyjollyDesignsArt. Swans. Prefer pickup at the farm. 5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 reviews $ 8.99. Teals. From shop Duckmas . Range Whistling ducks live in the […] Tree ducks enjoy a diet of aquatic tubers, seeds, plants as well as mollusks and other small aquatic organisms. Smew $400 . Diving Ducks. Freckled Duck $1000. African Pygmy Geese $2500 . When foraging, often in dry fields, also in irrigated land. They are highly social and are a great addition to your ornamental collection. Common Shelduck $200 . Policies. Harlequin $3500. Ruddy Shelduck $200 . Waterfowl feed and greens can be added as a supplement. Their dark plumage of black, chestnut, and gray is beautifully contrasted by a bright orange bill; pink legs; a broad, white wing stripe; and a thin, white eye ring. Favors shallow freshwater lakes; may come to those in open country, but seems to favor ponds surrounded by trees. We Ship From October Through March. Australian Shelduck $500. $10 box. Tree Ducks. Wild Ducks for Sale. Contact Us. These ducks are very personable and have a more laid back personality than many other species of wild ducks. Zimm’s Waterfowl has over 20 years of experience breeding and selling waterfowl. Only a couple left. Radjah Shelduck $450 . Hooded Merganser $200. Geese. NA Ruddy Duck $200 . Bufflehead $550 . Pond (1 of 1) 1/2. From wild and exotic varieties, these adult birds will liven up any aviary! Will nest on ground or in tree cavities. Paradise Shelduck $300. More. The name whistling duck is far more appropriate and descriptive, as all have calls ranging from distinctive high-pitched shrill sounds to clear or squeaky whistles. Call 731-587-2440 for Availability! Prefer pickup at the farm. They are much less arboreal than the perching ducks for instance. Experience Is Our Specialty . $10 box. Wood Ducks. Various ducks for sale 12 Muscovy ducklings ($10 each) (born August 5th) 4 Cayuga ducks ($15 each) (6 months old) 1 Rouen duck ($15) (6 months old) Favourite. $10.00 Muscovy duck pairs Peterborough 02/09/2020. Tree ducks are more active at night, which is the time they do their foraging for food. Shelducks. Kiddy pool works. Ringneck $200 . Whistling ducks were formerly known as tree ducks, but not all like trees. Cape Shelduck $250 . Ducks and Geese: Habitat: Ponds, fresh marshes. We ship over 500 live birds every year. Maned Geese … Most are offered as sexed juvenile pairs, however please read the description carefully to be sure that is offered with your choice of breed. American Coot $150. For Sale. Black-Bellied Tree Duck are large, goose-like ducks with a long neck and legs and a short tail. White Faced Tree Duck $125. 1 2018 Pr of spotted tree ducks- $200 1 2020 male grey peacock pheasant- $150 Shipping through USPS. Many of our adult ducks have not been pinioned, therefore they will need a safe and secure enclosure. Common Eider $750 . Puddle Ducks. SALE * - Oregon Ducks Children's Book - Twas the Night Before Ducksmas - Personalized & Signed Copy Duckmas. View Details From shop SunnyjollyDesignsArt. Muscovy’s are quiet tree ducks They don’t need a pond.

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