I agree, Oxy/Acetylene is very versatile and was used exclusively by builders for many decades. Moving the wire gently back and forth several times will There is every type of welder out in the machine shed. The limiting factor, in any case, is the thickness of this flat sheet metal. or table leg to protect the surface. I'll bet you have no trouble with stainless. • annealed wire: a pliable, durable and easy-to-use wire for all This welder is the least expensive of the three to purchase, but it does require a moderate level of skill and experience in order to obtain a quality weld. TIG applications can be very useful for artists working in steel, aluminum, or other non-ferrous metals, but the process is the most difficult to learn and is known to be the slowest of the three procedures. Learning to recognize a good weld from a bad one will also take a little coaching from someone with experience. Like justjen, I am a 50 year old artist wanting to start a new venture working in this medium (Im totally inthralled with metal work ) . All welding machines (with the exception of torch welding) work on an electrical-current system in which there are two power cords called leads. Wire is a very versatile medium for artwork. I am a woman welder who uses Oxy/Acet and I LOVE IT! backwards and forward several times, a noticeable stiffening If you must keep the welder, try using spot welds instead of attempting to run beads. I attended some training at a marine welding school in Manila, and it was good training for me. I have a question. The weld that is achieved with a TIG machine is very similar to a weld that one would achieve using a basic acetylene torch and non-flux welding rod, but the heat is more easily controlled with a TIG machine. Everyone interested in metal arts should try them at least once. That is not productive, not cool, and a waste of a perfectly good welding machine. Try to find a friend or a fellow artist that uses one or both of these machines, and ask him if he would take thirty minutes to an hour to show you the basics of each. Learning which of these machines is the best fit for your workshop really depends on knowing what you plan to weld in the majority of your projects. – paper … I like the brand also. Lastly, there is the TIG welder. Need a welding table in order to fabricate your parts, but you don't want to invest a lot of cash in new equipment? Thanks for the comment. Hi jmillerdesigns. Your comment made my day! I took a 900 hr welding course over 15 yrs ago and been fiddling with welding sculptures ever since. I am turning 50 this year, took a welding class and loved it so much I am going to pursue artistic welding. For an even twist, hold the wire horizontally Wrap both wire ends at least All the contents you mentioned in post are too good and can be very useful. Bought used, its competitive with Harbor Freight new and vastly superior in performance. At any rate, Ive been working on stars and crosses ('tis the season), and have been using 1/8 steel rod. or mark the wire. Just thought that I would post and let you know, A great possibility for me and it was a superb knowledge to view this site. Without over-complicating the issue, there is a sub-classification of an MIG welder that is referred to as a flux-core wire welder (technically, not a real MIG welder). A good-quality auto-darkening helmet can run from about $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on quality. Could you give me a recommendation? A short sweet intro to the welding world. The project I want to do involves welding, but Im not sure what materials are available. You can find schools using Google Maps these days. Thank you very much. These items will be Christmas gifts for him. Good luck. You can do anything you want with metal, if you have the right tools, patience, and a positive attitude. Pro – The Original All-in-One Picture Hanging & Leveling Tool for Sawtooth/Wire Picture Hangers with Hardware Case +85 Pcs Premium Hardware - Zero Measuring Required 4.6 out of 5 stars 809 $36.99 It will prevent burn-through issues. I am a new artistic welding enthusiasts...is Detroit, Michigan a great place to go for training? No artist that I know wants his artwork to fall apart two years after a customer has purchased it. you more control over the wire. Your article was a very useful starting place to differentiate amongst them all! Cable pulling tools can help move your cable along conduit, and fish tape and rods can guide and retrieve your wires. Wire is a remarkably malleable material. You may contact me through my website or via the Naked Art Gallery located in the Clairmont / Avondale Neighborhood of Birmingham. Choose the Right Voltage to Power Your Welder: Welding your own steel gate can be a snap once you learn the basics. Don't let anyone discourage you in your quest. If you can't use the machine comfortably, safely, and with confidence, you will have a useless blob of metal machinery taking up space in your shop. It is indeed great fun, just keep safety foremost in your plans always. All the best on your project, I hope your plant support project will be fun and productive. Can it be done with a flux welder or similar device? The new-style helmet with the auto-darkening lens is very helpful for new welders, and I do recommend them. All the best! Answer: Check with local arts and craft outlets to find other metal artists in your area. Welding is a skill that I use regularly in my art work and even for building special tools. Try to weld a little with both an ARC and an MIG machine before you make a purchase decision for your home shop. It is very hot there and it is certainly not the route for a casual welding class. The easiest method for twisting wire is with a hand drill, giving Copyright © 2018/HSN, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rodney C Lawley (author) from Southeastern United States on March 10, 2017: Hi JustJen. Answer: Hi, and thank you for the kind words. of your crafting needs. gauges. Just wondering which you would recommend for small jewellery/wearables/sculpture making i.e. You can also use a TIG welder to do pretty much the same operation, but with more focused heat. Start with a piece of wire at The flux-core wire welder is an inexpensive way to learn about MIG welding technique. Thanks! Now having read your post I'm even more excited , So again THANK YOU!! thicker the wire. a door handle or other secure point. Rodney C Lawley (author) from Southeastern United States on February 23, 2017: Thank you for the kind comment Waggtail. Karen Houston, Any place where you can find good instruction at a reasonable price is a win. Rodney C Lawley (author) from Southeastern United States on July 05, 2014: That's a good point jbosh1972, and technically, you are correct. Im not a numbers person, so beyond the name, I pretty clueless. twisted length. Rodney C Lawley (author) from Southeastern United States on August 19, 2012: Glad the information helped Maerdit. Whatever you decide, he will love it, because you are supporting him in his desire to learn. They can help you find nearby training classes. All the best in your welding pursuits, and make a call to that brother for guidance! to secure. Jason from Indianapolis, IN. TIG welding is similar to welding with an acetylene and oxygen torch, but no torch is necessary. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for the best possible experience. Answer: Yes...and no. I recommend trying out the thinner-diameter wire (.o23) at the correct setting for your thickness, then spot weld it instead of attempting a bead. One lead is a negative ground, and the other lead is a positive. Where can I find art welding training? Lol I wish I had found this a year ago, but glad I did now as i begin.

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