With a capsule design based on the legendary U87, the TLM-103 also has a louder output signal and lower self-noise. The TLM 103 mic was built by Neumann, with their intention to bridge the gap between their U 87 (which is $3000+) and a more affordable microphone, whilst still providing a fantastic sound. O TLM 103 é um microfone cardioide com uma cápsula de condensador de grande diafragma baseada na cápsula K67/87 clássica do lendário U 87 da Neumann. When comparing this to other microphones such as the TLM 103 (450g) and the Rode NT2A (860g), it just highlights that the TLM 102 is extremely light. No entanto, o TLM 103 tem um som ligeiramente mais moderno com um amplo reforço da presença para as frequências acima de 5 kHz. While both condenser microphones are outstanding, the almost double-price for the TLM-103 is warranted, for its fuller, richer bass response, and crisper, airier high frequencies. The name Neumann has been associated with quality microphones since the 1920's. With the introduction of the TLM 103 back in 1997, Neumann created something of an instant classic that gave the project studio owner access to Neumann quality for a very reasonable price. The TLM 103 D offers onboard digital conversion and software control over gain and parameters. Review of the Neumann TLM 103 Studio Microphone by Rich the Tweak. When it comes to the physical aspects of the TLM 102 mic, it weighs in at approximately 210g and is 12.6 cm in length and 5.2 cm in width. The TLM 103 is a fixed-cardioid, large-diaphragm FET microphone intended for the project-studio market. NEUMANN TLM 103 é um microfone de diafragma grande ideal para todas as aplicações profissionais ou semi profissionais que necessitam de alta qualidade de som. We recorded piano, in mono, through both microphones and discovered that the older model sounds a lot more open and natural. Neumann has done this successfully, by creating a microphone that is not only more affordable, being around the $1000 mark, but still holds their brand values true, offering superior sound quality. The search for the all around best home studio mic inevitably leads on the the high end of microphones. The TLM has an appreciably different tonal character. Usando uma grande quantidade de circuitos transformador comprovada de muitos dos microfones Neumann, o TLM 103 mantém um ruído interno extremamente baixo, sendo capaz de capturar os níveis de pressão sonora superior. Comparing the TLM 67 to an early '70s Neumann U87i, which you might be inclined to think that it would be very close to, we realised that they are really quite different. Neumann TLM-102 vs TLM-103: Which Is The Better Mic? Such is the Neumann TLM-103, which we’re going to review in this article. Neumann TLM 103 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. Probably the first thing you should know about TLM-103 is that it belongs to the high-end range of condenser microphones, hence it will never be affordable for everyone. Neumann considers it a low-budget microphone, although its street price is about $1000.

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