"The Family" is a co-production with Australian filmmakers Rosie Jones and Anna Grieve. Paul LaRosa is the senior coordinating producer for "48 … Founded in Huntington Beach, California in 1968 as Teens for Christ, the cult donned the titles Children of God, The Family of Love, and The Family before settling on The Family International – or TFI for short. Is The Family International one of the creepiest modern cults? The Family International has undergone more name changes than most pop artists. It has key messages from individuals who have lived as transgender who were able to resolve their gender dysphoria and embrace their biological sex. At the heart of this all-male movement who, as the documentary describes, "eat meat, study the gospel [and] play basketball" is Doug Coe, the leader of this organization that took "African diplomats, Russian nationals, congressmen [and] senators" as its members. Gender Agenda Documentary “The Gender Agenda” is a documentary that has been produced by Family Watch International.

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