Powerful Roots The tamarind tree forms a massive and short trunk, gnarled with age, building a wide dense crown reaching 10 to 30 m in height with a … The tamarind tree finds its Mediterranean equivalent, the carob tree, a close relative that is exploited as much for its pulpy pod as for its majestic port. about sweet tamarind trees - The tamarind, a long-lived, massive tree reaches, under favorable conditions, a height of 80 or even 100 feet with a spread of 40 feet and a trunk that can reach a circumference of 25 feet. PIJ #48, Sep – Nov 1993 The graceful tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica) is believed to have originated in Africa and is now cultivated in many parts of the tropical world. The length of the tamarind tree is 80 feet and width of the canopy is 20-35 feet. They brought sugary black tea in large thermo bottles. Description. Although in the legume family, it does not fix nitrogen; however, its many attractive qualities make it a splendid addition to the large permaculture garden. Middle aged aunties came for harvesting paddy. Uncles sat down for a hearty lunch after hours of work under the harsh tropical sun. For years, it provided shade to weary souls who needed a break from the hard work in the fields. In its decaying age, the tamarind tree sits by the yards of paddy. Characteristics of Tamarind: The tamarind trees are slow growing, long-lived and are evergreen trees. The foliage is bright green in colour; they are dense and feathery in … … They are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or trees growing to 1–18 m (3.3–59.1 ft) in height and forming dense thickets.

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