E Wood stamped S-P-F is used for several products: DIY markets, panelling, joinery, structural wood, flooring, framing studs, pallets, packaging, formwork, renovation and secondary constructions, etc. Since the modulus of elasticity values are determined from bending, the tabulated values given above includes an effect of shear deflection. The dry-knotted section of the trunk is short and the dry knots … Pine (and it's cousins, Spruce and Fir, which make up the SPF triumvirate type of wood used to make most construction materials) is often kiln-dried but rarely is as dry as optimally needed for fine woodworking. Spruce-pine-fir lumber species, popularly known as SPF, is a combination of Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, and Subalpine Fir. The colour of sound knots does not differ from the surrounding timber. As such, when this construction material reaches a job site, it is used as quickly as possible to avoid twists, bows, and cups. Average values of elastic moduli along the tangential (E T) and radial (E R) axes of wood for samples from a few species are given in the following table as ratios with elastic moduli along the longitudinal (E L) axis. If you have interest in buying wood beams,lumbers from pine and spruce, northern spruce and northern pine,send your specification and quotation to us and we will make best service for you! BENEFITS AVAILABLE. SPF can be used for boxes, crates, and general millwork, though in Australia it is only used for housing construction frames. The lumber species is very common in North America and because of its versatility, it can be used in many areas, namely residential, commercial, agricultural and … Hierbei sind wegen der grundsätzlich unterschiedlichen Pilzfestigkeit von Splintund Kernholz diese beiden streng zu unterscheiden. Properties and benefits of nordic spruce and pine. BIOLOGICAL PROPERTY OF WOOD. Pine 25x100/120/150x4000 50 x100-125-150-200-/225under question/x3000/4000/6000 75x100-125-150-200-/225 under question/ x3000/4000/6000 … Classification. Pitch Pine und ähnlich schwere Kiefern-Arten werden wegen der guten Festigkeitseigenschaften vorwiegend dort eingesetzt, wo andere Kiefernhölzer, Lärche und Oregon Pine (Douglasie) nicht mehr ausreichen. The eight species marketed under this name are white spruce, black spruce, jack pine, balsam fir, lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, and red spruce. Quebec wood stamped S-P-F (Spruce-Pine-Fir) is the most popular wood in Canada for construction purposes due to its great strength. Spruce-pine-fir, or SPF, is the generic name for a range of timbers originating from North America. Trunk has a long sound-knotted part. SPRUCE. Our company can offer to produce these dimensions . Most planks and boards are also sound-knotted. Moist Wood . The surface of sound-knotted sawn spruce is uniformly pale.

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