If yes in what grade? Some insight would help... Tia! Could you please advise how to proceed on Admission procedures. Please let us know what happened with the sishya admission. ICSE - Day - Convent - Co-Ed .Get 2020-21 fees structure, reviews, application form details. I have a 5 years old son. Oh thank you psnagarajan. Any recommendations would help to get a seat ? Wat is the current fee structure in adyar sishya? Trust them when they give you a date to come back on. if they ask u to wait until Feb or mar - for sure you won't get seat. Each person was taken on their own worth. The school has gradually developed over the years until it has evolved into a full fledged Higher Secondary School, offering the +2 since 1986. Sishya School, Adyar, Chennai, rated 3.3 of 5 on SchoolMyKids. that is true for all schools, I think. They gave me a chance admission receipt. Pls. There are people who turn up every wednesday, even if the trustees have told them a date 6 months later to come and see them. We are returning to India this year. 1. what will be fees structure in Shishya? This query may be off the topic, but related to Sishya school only. What is the chance of he getting there mam?. Im so desperate to put my daughter in this school, im really slogging to get the admission in this school.infact i came back from UK for good, jus for putting my daughter in sishya school this year, Plz help me on this!! When we spoke to Sishya, they told us that their school year runs between jan-Dec. ... Wat is the current fee structure in adyar sishya? I am planning to come to Chennai. I registered for my daughter when i was 6 months pregnant in May 2010. For Fee related queries, write to Sishya_hs@yahoo.com / call 04344-266668. Is it a place for only the super rich kids? Is it possible to get admission in Sishiya? My son who completed 7th grade will turn 13 this june 30 2012. I want to register my kid for UKG for next academic year( from june she will go to LKG.. LKG i didnt get there.. so thought of trying for UKG) either in Adyar or thorapakkam branch.. Can u plz tell me what is the procedure.. We are in Germany and going back to India after 6 Years during mid Jul' 12 , both our daughters will complete their 7th and EP-1 (Early Primary-1) in Jun' 12 and we want them to continue their 8th and UKG in SISHYA, Adyar. sishya school fees 33 replies, Page 1 < 1; 2 > Show latest first. Ultimately the people who are successful in their chosen fields are those who understand things and apply it correctly, rather than those who get top marks in school and college and then burn out by the time they are 25! Every batch in every school will have a few bad eggs, but if the child has a strong support from the family, they will learn to pick their friends wisely. They told us to contact them. For E-fee online portal related issues, please write to Contact@federalbank.co.in . Is this true? Find Admission details for Sishya School, Adyar in Chennai. Thank you very much for your valuable info mam. can  he gets the admission for next year in sishya, how can he get the admission, i went for school last year , more then three time , admin told u come and meet 2012 nov, its correct, i need admission for my son plz guide me. psnagarajan 2014-04-14 16:41:25 . Still you can put your kids name down, in case someone drops out or takes their kid to another school by the time the time for admission comes up. below are my feedback and its upto u take it or ignore it. I am looking for UKG for my kid for 2013-14 . I am seeking for admission in sishya for my son who is 3 years old ,Is there any prekg in sishya, if not for next year LKG admission  do i need to book an appointment this year itself .Please tell me the details. The top colleges give more weight to those who come from ISC schools as compared to State Board or Matric or even CBSE, for this very reason. Thanks n nice to get some relevant info abt sishya school.well, i registered for my kid in the year 2009 in the month of may ,when she ws jus a month old..n now the admission is for 2013, she is still on the waitlisted/chance list,they told me to fix an appointment n meet them on november of this year..but getting an appointment in the website is difficult as it is always full.They are not allowing to see the admission commitee unless i have an appointment. If i happen to put them in someother school say billabong, will they take us for 2013? Please note that these are not admission interviews per se. Meaning whether only the rich & super rich kids study. I would like to ask some details about the school? kindly advise me.. My daughter is 2 years 3 months now.Can she gets admission for June 2013 batch in Sishya?She will be 3 years and 10 months at June 2013. i am edwin, my son is 2 years 8 months now. on admission - move your home very close to school, better less than a km and try to book slot at d earliest when admission starts If I want to go with Sishya, will my kids loose 6 months of schooling? A full fledged Higher Secondary School, Sishya Adayar today has over 1200 students. -Anuradha. Did your daughters get admission in the school? thomas 2009-09-23 13:29:17 . I am intered in putting them in Sishya. Hi shalsudha. So it is very tough for kids who need to "mug and spit". Sishya is not an expensive school as I have replied to another discussion on that in this forum. thomas - thank you for your reply in the post http://www.parentree.in/groupdiscussion-860/Info-about-ICSE-schools-in-Chennai---Sishya--The-School--Hari-Shree-Vidyalayam--The-Ashram.html. please let me know the sishya school fees structure and the procedure to admit. I find it to be a nice mix of varied social and economic types. Thomas, the founder of Sishya, began a nursery-cum-preparatory school in January 1972. Gud to hear that .. actually they already told me to check out other schools as well. 2. My kid is 1 month old now and I want to know if its too late to get my seat reserved in Shishya. Sishya was founded in 1972. Contact info, Admission 2020-2021, Fee Structure, Ranking, Rating & Reviews. Get details of Sishya School established in 1972 at Adyar, Chennai is affiliated to ICSE. Is it a same case with adyar branch also ? All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2008-2020 Parentree. They told me that confirmed seats are over and gave me a chance receipt for 2017. This school may not be a mix of all classes of students. ie) when i was 5 months preg. Adyar Private School Fees Structure ; Schools Address Standard Wise Fees (2018) LKG- UKG … If you have any idea, kindly through some light on this. I have a chance seat for my son to be admitted on 2016. However they are very strict about numbers in each class and will not take even one student more than the maximum number. My daughter who completed 4th grade in US, will turn 10 on Dec 3rd, 2012. The fees are lower than Abacus or navadisha or Vidya Mandir. I have a 4yrs old boy. 3. But it is ideal for kids who have curious and inquisitive minds. Regarding Sishya-OMR, does the school stick to the students-teacher ratio similar to Adyar -sishya? But in the long run, that is what is more useful in life. How about the attitude of students & parents there ? How will they make this transition happen from 9th(where the final exam is in Dec..)? i got him registered when he was to be born. Pls let me know how to go about it. CISCE affiliated, Coed Day School in Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu from Nursery/Preschool to Senior Secondary School (XI-XII). help. my ultimate dream is my son to be a student of sishya adyar. Very useful Info...Thanks a lot...I too registered for admission for my kid....Only thing i'm thinking about is to choose between CBSE or ICSE....Lot of people saying that ICSE is tougher than CBSE....That is the only concern i have...What is your opinion about this? New No. So feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about the school. That only irritates the trustees. Admission forms & fees structure 2018-19, Address, photos, Facilities, 360° School tours, contact no … Will they admit only if we are nearby the school (around Adyar)?

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