These did not … the yellow light remains but it does not connect to the program and windows does not detect the microphone, Using the Meteor Mic with Windows Computers, USB Microphone Windows 10 Recognization Issue.pdf. Less than a minute after that, the light went solid amber and the device was no longer recognized. One was my mic (no name, but the values were the same as in the provided pdf), it had VID: 17A0 and PID: 0310 (so different from the ones in the word file). There needs to be much more support around this error. I also tried using a different USB cord but it does not work. Why would the mic work perfectly for a few minutes and then suddenly stop on its own? The values (VID:0d8c,PID:016c) provided in the word file did not work. I'm from Latin America so buying a new one would take a lot of time right now given the circumstances. However, nothing changed (maybe it did, but I only checked for the LED which still was red when re-plugging again). after the second try it showed up under audio devices as "Samson Meteor" but still had a pale yellow light and a warning sign in the device manager. This happens if I plug the mic directly to my laptop, or through a USB hub. Hi Paul,I think you may be right. I've tried what was in the document (VID 0d8c and PID 016c), and I've also tried VID: 17A0 and PID: 0310 based on another comment here, and neither work. After a lot of time trying to figure out what was causing this it looks like there was a problem with Google Chrome. Appreciated! Lo and behold, it works now! I'm not sure I did anything really, just rebooted the computer just because and the mic thought I would give it another try. I'm currently getting the same issue where the VID and PID I enter is not being recognised. The firmware program will not work if the device is still unrecognized. 5. I therefore thought, it does not work, and this time after connecting with my VID and PID numbers, erased the firmware. May anyway but it seems pointless as I have tried everything and his suggestions are just repeats of everything I have already tried :) I had heard so much good about Meteor, but I need something I can count on for my business.I think you are right about the firmware. And after plugging out and back in, it went back to unrecognized USB device. Why is it acting up like this all of a sudden? It was not showing up in device manager, so I moved to a different usb port and the light went from pale yellow to red. Yes, you figured it right – Meteor can capture clear and crisp audio from 16-20 Inches distance. What is the problem and 1. if I bring it back to the store I got it from are they expected to replace it or not.2. So there is nothing to be done with volume or output etc....for all intents and purposes it no longer exists as far as my computer can see.A week is a lot when I need this for business. I got a samson meteor ubs mic which i got a software for it to get these enhancements. It would work in a new USB for a short bit and then shut down...a bit last a gasp for air out a new breathing hole in the ice and then the ice would form there too.Off to research a new mic and return this one. Call Samson technical support and see if they can help. I started up my Windows 10 tower and followed the instructions on this page. Now I tried Audacity again and the mic is also not working there. You mean you entered VID 0d8c and PID 016c at the bottom and it said that error when you pressed Connect? Go to Windows Settings and select Privacy. What name does it have? Hi,I am sitting here reading every request in the thread and I see no real answers from the company ass to what to do.I don't need to write everything as it will imply be a repeat of everything above. I also need a fix for an Apple Mac. After more digging I realised that this specific microphone model is actually quite old, and it doesn't look like Samson are in a position to help, I could figure out if they were offering to accept mail repairs or not. Paul, if you follow the directions 1 through 3 in the PDF, what VID and PID do you see?

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