This one is definitely not as versatile as the Samson, but it does sound fantastic as well. Learn More; NOW AVAILABLE: Samson G-Track Pro Professional USB Microphone with Audio Interface When I first installed it, windows recognized it and installed the driver. The idea of a quality condenser microphone with a built-in USB interface is appealing. I have installed on my Computer Windows 7 SP1. For more than three decades, it has not only been Samson ’s goal to develop a variety of industry-changing audio products for consumers, but to demonstrate the highest-quality customer service and technical support. The Pro version is based on the extremely successful predecessor model G-Track and offers ample features that make the G-Track Pro the perfect all-in-one solution for Music recordings,Podcasting and Streaming. The G Track Pro gives almost as much functionality as that combo and takes up a lot less space. Welcome to Samson Support. C01U Pro Quick Start; G-Track Pro. Video: Using the G-Track Pro; G-Track Pro Quick Start; Using the G-Track Pro with Apple OSX; Using the G-Track Pro with Windows Computers; G-Track Pro - Direct Monitor Switch; ... How to Download Samson Sound Deck Software; Comments 0 comments. However, when I … I have some problem with my Microphone Samson G-Track. Setting up your Samson USB Mic with Skype; How to use your Samson USB Microphone with Sony PS4; How to Download Samson Sound Deck Software; Windows 10 Fixes; See all 12 articles C01U Pro. Under device manager, the mic is known as USB Audio Codecs. The Samson G-Track Pro is a high quality condenser USB microphone with an integrated audio interface and an additional instrument input directly on the microphone. However, if you’re looking for a simple cardioid condenser USB, then you might want to consider the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB. Microphone recognized like "line" not like "Microphone" device. Please sign in to leave a comment. After I connect USB Microphone over USB directly to PC, Windows 7 had been recognize it but into the START -> CONTROL PANEL -> SOUND -> RECORD. Video: Using the G-Track Pro; G-Track Pro Quick Start; Using the G-Track Pro with Apple OSX G-Track Pro is a USB microphone with an instrument input and mixer for recording two independent audio channels at one time. Even though this is a perfectly good product, I am planning on returning and buying from Walmart because bestbuy did not and cannot provide me a serial number which I need in order to use the recording software I bough. Like I just mentioned, I feel like the Samson G-Track Pro is just miles ahead of the Rode. I am having problems with it and can't hear any sound from the mic. With the ability to capture your audio at 24-bit/96kHz, your recordings will deliver extremely detailed, high-resolution results. Hi, I just bought a Samson G track usb mic.

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