It’s also nearly impossible to shred fresh mozzarella because it’s so soft. Verdict: Can work well, but ensure that you’re buying a good quality brand – or else it can taste pretty rubbery and “bouncy”. The ideal type of mozzarella depends on what you’re looking for, and what kind of pizza you want to make. Fresh mozzarella, Fior di latte in Italian, is a cow milk-based mozzarella cheese. The starches can also burn in the oven more easily. The high baking temperature will evaporate most of the water, leaving you with a soft and creamy melted cheese that goes really well with tomato sauce and the slightly charred pizza crust. You can use mozzarella as the base cheese by itself for margherita, Neapolitan, and Greek pizzas. It’s also usually cheaper. It’s a magical and delicious thing that can be absolutely amazing on pizza – but here’s the caveat, you don’t cook it. Fresh mozzarella can be great for pizza, but it requires some prep work. But different types of mozzarella has both different flavor and consistency. It can contain as much as twice the amount of water as cow milk mozzarella. The best Mozzarella for Neapolitan-style pizza is fresh mozzarella. Choose whatever mozzarella you like on your pizza! Both cow and buffalo milk mozzarella are great options. You can however improve the baking in your home oven using a pizza stone or pizza steel. It’s made from the same type of American low-moisture mozzarella, but rather than being sold in blocks or slices, it comes pre-shredded from the factory. Mozzarella is also the staple cheese for Neapolitan pizza and is mentioned in the AVPN’s (The True Neapolitan Pizza Association) international regulations for true Neapolitan pizza. Fresh mozzarella, Fior di latte in Italian, is a cow milk-based mozzarella cheese. Tell us what you think about this recipe! If you bake fresh mozzarella in a hot, wood-fired oven, most of the moisture will evaporate. These starches also interfere with melting. This makes it very convenient. You will also receive the Official Giadzy Newsletter and access to post in the Club G fan community! But the buffalo mozzarella contains even more moisture. So for buffalo mozzarella, it’s even more important to drain and dry the cheese before using it. You often have to go to the deli counter of your grocery store to get a block of fresh low-moisture mozzarella. Fresh milk mozzarella (packaged in plastic, not brine): Fresh, rich, milky flavor. Because mozzarella is so versatile, it is the number one choice of cheese to be added to a cheese … One of the benefits of low-moisture mozzarella is that it’s easy to shred due to the firmer consistency of the cheese. Buffalo mozzarella is also more expensive and and a less accessable cheese. To get rid of even more liquids, you can cut the cheese and wrap it in a paper towel for at least 30 minutes before you’re going to use the cheese. Next, you’ll undoubtedly find fresh mozzarella in plastic tubs, suspended in a brine. Classic mozzarella is made from buffalo milk, but nowadays it’s most commonly made from cow milk. It is often … You’ve got low moisture, high moisture, fresh, pre-shredded, bocconcini, ciliegine… so what type of mozzarella should you be using specifically for pizza? Since you have so much sauce, you don’t want to add additional moisture. The best mozzarella for thick-crust pizza is fresh low-moisture mozzarella. To create a barrier between the crust and the sauce, sliced lowe moisture mozzarella is your bet. The soft, creamy, and stringy texture of the cheese is unbeatable. It’s probably the most common type of cheese for Neapolitan-style pizza. Visually, with fresh mozzarella, you’ll get those melty pools of mozzarella (like in Giada’s broccoli and sausage pizza, or meatball pizza) as opposed to an all-over coverage. What the best mozzarella cheese for your pizza is, depends on what you’re looking for. Today, mozzarella is America’s most popular cheese, and Wisconsin makes more of it than anywhere else. But I know some people love the dry crispy, slightly burnt cheese layer it makes. This dry-packed type of mozzarella is great for pizza, as that low-moisture content helps keep things melty and delicious.

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