If you are using the Tablet Mode, you are likely to face this issue; it is a built-in … If the Windows 10 taskbar icons are not displayed, you can fix it by running the command line in the Windows PowerShell. Solution 1: Run A Malware Scan. When the cursor changes to 4-sided arrows, use the keyboard arrows to move the window back to the desired position on the screen. And in this approach, you don’t need to manipulate or interfere with other system Settings. Make the off-screen window the active window using Alt+Tab, Win+Tab, or by clicking the program’s taskbar button. Solution 2: Turn Off Tablet Mode. Turn off Tablet Mode. Hold the Shift key down, and right-click on the taskbar button of that program; Click Move. For example, whenever a program is running, shows perfectly highlighted as per this screenshot; Whenever you extend display or use only the extra monitor, it may not show the highlighting of the minimized program running. Minimized Program Not Highlighted In Windows 10 Taskbar On Desktop. Fix Icon Not Showing on Windows 10 Taskbar via Registry Editor. How To Solve If Program Won’t Maximize From Taskbar In Windows 10? This method basically involved the … Step 1: Run Windows PowerShell as an administrator in Windows 10.

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