Steps Three and Four - Solving the Problem and Checking the Solution. In the problem-solving process to system building, we would need to take the following four steps: (1) Define and understand the problem. I don’t think that there is any philosophical method; and I doubt that philosophy is distinguished from other disciplines by method, since I’m a big advocate of philosophers using any method that fits the topic. If the selected problem solving strategy doesn’t seem to work when you actually try it, go back to the list and try something else. 9 - Suppose that you have been asked to create an... Ch. (3) Choose the best solution. Share; Pin it; Tweet; Share; Email; Problem solving is the process of reviewing every element of an issue so you can get to a solution or fix it. Go at a slow speed so each step in the process is clearly demonstrated and understood. The observations are made visually or with the aid of scientific equipment. 9 - What three levels of backup may be used in... Ch. 9 - The ABC Car Service Repair Centers are owned by... Ch. Observation and description of a phenomenon. (2) Develop alternative solutions. This takes weeks or even months of hard work. The scientific method has four steps. Demonstrate the steps using an example or actual materials. Productivity and Project Management blogger for at work and at home Read full profile. Describe what you are doing. Ch. If the first two steps have been done well, then the last two steps should be easy. For this demonstration is powerful to use the animation feature for example in PowerPoint. Ben Willmott. 5 Steps (And 4 Techniques) for Effective Problem Solving. 9 - Suppose that you perform the same functions noted... Ch. Example: Demonstrate how to build a simple process map by walking everyone through the step-by-step process. (4) Implement the solution. 9 - List and briefly explain the three steps performed... Ch. 9 - List and briefly explain the four steps performed... Ch. Formulation of a hypothesis to explain the phenomenon in the form of a causal mechanism or a mathematical relation. By doing this Four-Step Method of self-directed behavior therapy, you can change the brain's biochemistry.

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