Features of Discussion Board Post Writing. The book provides an exemplary guide on how to approach the leadership challenge as a leader and come up with a pattern like the one used by Jesus Christ. While the author has created some insight setting good examples, there should have been some compelling recent research that would have helped in delivering a very clear pathway of achieving this goal. The book tries to give us the way leaders should model their way in leadership and management, the challenges they encounter and how to avoid them. The distractions that you face can make it easy to lose sight of long-term and even short-term goals. The leaders try to illustrate  by being living testimonies for their employees or churches by inspiring, setting goals, meeting them, and ensuring that in their work, they  have a "Jesus style," in which one becomes a servant and leads through parables and model actions. A leader must be able to study a situation in relation to time and the environment, analyze the findings with conscience, and conceive a strategic course of action, utilize the resources to implement the counter-problems. Be proactive in setting goals, as well as establishing the timelines — and deadlines — necessary to keep yourself and your teams on track. Servant leadership is premised on leading strategies, which involve enabling, developing and creating support for team members while aiding the development of their potential. The Need to Be a Good Manager in Order to Be an Effective Leader. This asserts a leader’s integrity and aids in convincing employees to exert themselves in their re-defined responsibilities. Overcome with guilt, I treated him to ice cream at a nearby kiosk. Argumentative Essay: Is Social Media Addictive. This approach enables the leader to develop the commitment and competencies of employees to ensure that they are motivated and capable of efficiently executing new roles or additional responsibilities as a consequence of downsizing (Northouse, 2010). Knowing that these leadership challenges are common experiences for middle and senior managers is helpful, both to the leaders and to those charged with their development, according to our researchers. I need to set an example and be a role model to my team. A leader infuses a sense of positivity and directs others to reach the specified goal. These leadership challenges include gaining managerial support, managing up, and getting buy-in from other departments, groups, or individuals. Thus, this is the point of action. Significantly, a leader must reassure employees of their job security and explain the basis in which the laid off employees were selected. Organizations often downsize with the aim of restructuring itself as a consequence of various factors such as economic challenges or change in operations. Leadership Short Answer: Working with the Visually Challenged. PPT Poster Writing Service Online can be of Supreme Quality! “You can do it. A very common thread amongst these outstanding leaders is the recognition of a God –given directives. Through situational leadership, employees are motivated as a consequence of the leader’s responsiveness to their immediate needs and recognition of their abilities and qualification where in the past they were not acknowledged. This creates a deeper understanding that, to be effective in ministry, we must not seek to gratify ourselves, but to do the will of the owner of the ministry. Therefore, a leader must reassure employees in order to dispense their fears and analyze all the available jobs with a new perspective. Our support team will be more than willing to assist you. Article Shared By. The book fails to come up with the best solution to a Christian approach in challenging the problems. The organization also failed to develop since one of the leader died and he had not,” enabled others to act” under his capacity. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. In regard to leadership challenges facing Christian organizations, there are more challenges facing the organizations than those just discussed by the book. Hence recognizing and identifying with the extent of emotions that surviving employee’s experience. Organizations often downsize with the aim of restructuring itself as a consequence of various factors such as economic challenges or change in operations. Leaders must take time to talk to individual employees; this makes them aware that they are valued. 1(877)733-3925. The leaders should be able to make adjustments as they occur. Order White Paper Writing Services of Amazing Quality at Our Professional Writing Platform! In light of these, a leader must demonstrate patience to allow employees time to adapt to their new responsibilities and the reality of their re-defined roles. We will write a custom Essay on Cybersecurity as a Leadership Challenge specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. Leaders are often aware of an impending downsizing process in advance; hence they are responsible for making a decision of which employees are to be downsized.

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