Attack set too fast on drums/percussion. Lives for gear . maybe i don't understand compression that well still because i thought compression was used for controlling the dynamics of a audio signal when the audio signal is jumping up and down randomly … Share Quote. Once I find a proper setting using the first compressor choice I’m either satisfied and on to the next thing or curious to see how another compressor will react with similar settings. Then tweak the other settings from that point. Most compressors come with useful presets that provide a good starting point! After EQ why do you use Compression on your kick? Don't over-compress. You might be tempted to stylishly slam the percussive elements of your mix with your favorite compressor. 1st September 2014 #2. Here are a few mistakes to avoid as you explore and experiment with your compressor settings. But you really can have too much of a good thing. Once you have a kick drum … When you're ready to get going, put the Threshold of the compressor at zero decibels, meaning it won't engage at all. Note: By no means you should copy-paste the chain or settings. Once I set the next compressor I will match the output levels to the bypass level and make comparisons between them. Often, adding some compression will help give the kick drum extra energy and punch. I would start off with a 3:1 ratio with 0 to 2 ms of attack and 100 ms of release. Try adjusting the threshold from there. For myself, I don't use compression on my kick. 1. Then set up the following: Ratio - 5:1; Attack - 100 ms; Release - 1 ms; This is a fairly aggressive ratio that should cover most cases. Depending on the genre of the song, the settings will vary. But in general, you want the compressor to give some energy and consistency. CHAOS. The purpose of bass drum compression and compressing a kick drum tutorial is to make the ‘meat’ of the drums louder and to reduce the transients / peaks at the same time so that the kick can be punchier.. 1) Start With These Bass Compression Settings. This tutorial is going to focus on compressing the Kick Drum and starter compression settings and will help you unlock using compression for any process. Just overall on the drum buss. Don’t forget to always let your ears make the final decision and when you’re building your mix compare your kick(s) with the different elements of your mix.. You can mute the kick drum if needed for now. Compression Settings Summary. Try using a stock compressor plugin on the kick drum track. Conclusion. If you're new to compressors, it may take a fair amount of experimentation to find the setting that most complements your bass playing style and your equipment. That’s pretty much everything I do to mix my kick drum, including my kick drum EQ and compression kick drum tips and techniques.

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