Jacob lied because he wanted his father to bless him. Therefore, she did what any wise person would do, if they knew they were on a losing team; she made a covenant with the spies. II. Let's continue with our studies in the book of Joshua, following Israel's journey from Egypt through to Canaan. 10 Expositors Bible Commentary, electronic version. And they went, and came to the house of an innkeeper named Rahab, and they lay there. א וַיִּשְׁלַ֣ח יְהוֹשֻׁ֣� Excellent. What else could encourage Joshua to believe God‘s promises? And Joshua sent — Or, had sent, before the directions mentioned in the preceding chapter (Joshua 2:10-11,) were given to the officers.This best agrees with Joshua 2:22 of this chapter, and the rest of the narrative. Next » Chapter 3. How Joshua sent them, Joshua 2:1. Joshua Chapter 2 Summary. 1 And Joshua the son of Nun sent two men out of Shittim to spy secretly, saying, Go see the land and Jericho. Joshua Chapter 2: Rahab - From Harlot to Hero! Joshua 2:1. Introduction. If Jacob’s father blessed Jacob, then God would also bless Jacob. 12 Unger’s Commentary on the Old Testament, p. 285. Two men — Not twelve, as Moses did, because those were to view the whole land, these but a small parcel of it. Chapter 2. Holmes professed ignorance of this, however, and stated that, " So Joshua is getting encouragement directly from the Lord himself and also from God’s people, repeating God’s word to him. 11 Joshua, Leader Under Fire, Donald Campbell, p. 19-20. Joshua Joshua 2 Sermon, Bible, Commentary, Lesson, Summary, Explanation. Joshua informs… 14 Expositors Bible Commentary, electronic version. Vol I, Genesis –Song of Solomon, p. 285. Most of the recent versions supply in this chapter at appropriate places the pluperfect tenses which are missing in the Hebrew (due to the deficiency of that language in those days) translating Joshua 2:6, for example, thus: "The woman had brought them up on the roof, etc." In Genesis 27:19, Jacob lied. by F Gordon . This necessity is well understood by translators. Bible Studies in Book of Joshua. Matthew Henry Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible: Current Chapter: Chapter 2: In this chapter we have an account of the scouts that were employed to bring an account to Joshua of the posture of the city of Jericho. Jacob was wrong to lie. The agreement she made with Israel included being delivered, her and her household; she wanted her family to keep them safe during the siege. Show content in: Both English Hebrew. Rashi 's Commentary: Show Hide. Observe here, I. Chapters 1-12 recount the conquest of the land, chapters 13-21 recount the partition of the land, chapter 22 describes a near-civil war, and chapters 23-24 describe Joshua’s final days. We’ll see a few more encouragements in chapter 2. She knew the LORD was with them and more significant than that, that the LORD was the true God. 9 Unger’s Commentary on the Old Testament. Yehoshua - Joshua - Chapter 2 « Previous Chapter 1. The book of Joshua has 24 chapters. 13 Pink, p. 59. Summary Joshua 1: Yahweh orders Joshua to cross the Jordan River in order to conquer the land. Joshua 2:1.

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