It's best not to allow the soil to dry completely or the roots may become stressed. You've seen patchy '– or non-existent '– grass underneath your large shade trees. And if you own a business, Jacaranda trees are also lovely in commercial landscapes! Petals fall creating a romantic carpet underneath. Apply a 3-inch layer of mulch to help keep the soil from drying out too quickly, and spread the mulch in a wide circle around your tree. Greenhouse environment. Choose a heavy pot, such as terracotta or ceramic, which won't be as apt to blow over on windy days. It naturally grows into a rounded shape, sometimes even taking an umbrella-like form! But if you plant your tree near your pool, patio, or walkway, you'll have some cleanup work. Bear in mind that potted Jacarandas are "iffy" for producing flowers, but their ferny foliage and natural shape are standalone attributes. Jacaranda mimosifolia is another one of the beautiful, large, and great-for-climbing shade trees that are grown and nurtured at our Moon Valley Nurseries. In a large landscape, you cannot find a showier tree to plant in a row along your property line '– either down both sides of your yard or along the back. Jacaranda mimosifolia trees originate from Brazil and are admired for their beautiful, vibrant purple blooms in mid to late spring. Keep its mature size in mind when you scout a location for it '– it can grow up to 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide. We sell younger, fast growing Jacaranda trees too. It stands 58 feet tall, 73 feet wide, and it measures 98 inches around the largest part of its trunk! Largely known for exotic and vibrant purple blossoms, Vigorous, fast growing tree ideal for open spaces. But because it will be container-grown, it still may not bloom for you. Water your newly transplanted Jacaranda more often than an established tree '– twice a week during hot weather, and once a week during milder weather. This Weekend, Get Huge Discounts on Select Plants and Trees! Jacaranda trees fill with magical bluish purple blooms. • Fertilizer. Fertile soil that drains well is optimal for the health of Jacaranda trees. • Mulch. If you do fertilize your tree, an application in early spring is the best time to boost its growth and encourage lots of blooms. This beauty can grow an up to 30-foot wide canopy, so you can expect to have an excellent amount of shade when you need it during those hot summer months but can also be trimmed to maintain a smaller width for tighter planting areas. In shady areas, grasses struggle to survive and typically just don't make it. And select a container that's slightly larger than your Jacaranda's rootball. Winter Growing Options If you live outside Jacaranda's perennial range, you have a couple of options for growing this tree: 1. In cooler climates, it's even a beautiful potted tree that graces sunny patios, decks, and courtyard gardens. Low Maintenance Follow these planting and growing tips to keep your Jacaranda healthy and happy: • Sun. Jacaranda mimosifolia is another one of the beautiful, large, and great-for-climbing shade trees that are grown and nurtured at our Moon Valley Nurseries. Planting: The Jacaranda is a full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day) lover that prefers well-drained soil. So, it's best to plant your Jacaranda where the seasonal flower fall creates a blanket of color only on the ground underneath the tree. Although these impressive flowers are certainly large and abundant, it's the sheer spectacle of color overhead that will leave you speechless. Plant away from Driveways, Walkways, and Pools When a Jacaranda tree drops its flowers at the end of the bloom season, the lush carpet of purplish flowers on the ground below is a captivating sight! But if yours doesn't produce flowers, you'll still have a super-looking potted tree to grow outdoors during frost-free weather. Call 877-345-0146 for Availability and Pricing. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I live in Southern California, and this tree seems to just love it in my kitchen window. Suited for only the warmest climates, Jacaranda is a frost-tender tropical treasure that will add a majestic touch to your landscape., //, //, //, //, //, //,,,,,,,, Gardeners in these zones are in for a treat! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Also Called the Fern Tree Even when the Jacaranda is not blooming, its intriguing foliage makes this tree an exceptional addition to your landscape design. Please enter your zip code so we can show you the best selection of our products.

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