Menu. Answer to: Is a career in quantitative finance a good option? Having directly As and a primary magnificence technological know-how diploma is not sufficient anymore, mainly because the downsizing of the enterprise that accompanied the 2007/2008 financial turmoil. It could also be a good long-term approach since you could possibly create a billion dollar fund. for Working Scholars for College Credit It's also a field with potentially unstable employers. for Working Scholars® for College Credit A quantitative analyst, first and foremost, must be an expert with numbers. Even when you are finished with your doctorate, there’s no guarantee of a job. Fashion is the first. Answer to: Why is a career in quantitative finance so lucrative? Getting a PhD in economics or finance is no easy task, and takes many years of work. If you are too tied to one, it can hurt bad. Menu. A career in quantitative finance can be extremely profitable both intellectually and financially. While a career in quantitative analysis is rewarding, it’s also challenging. Products go out of style because of regulation, market changes or simply because they are too easily done for their to be much margin. The first three trading desks I worked at all shut down, which is why I have an enormous amount of skepticism for most firms in this industry. I believe finance would be a good short-term approach since the minimum starting salary is 100k all in. This is not a career for those who struggle with math. On the other hand, Big 4 tech company (apple, amazon, facebook, microsoft) starting salaries are 200k all in and it’s a 40-hour job. Quantitative finance is a career of constant learning; I have had to continuously absorb new technical skills and domain knowledge. However, competition is fierce for positions within hedge price range and funding banks. Answer to: Is quantitative finance a good degree for a potential investor/trader?

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