If you know what I mean. Come a little closer ’cause you lookin’ thirsty, I’ma make it better, sip it like a Slurpee, Snow cone chilly, get it free like Willy (Oh), In the jeans like Billie, you be poppin’ like a wheelie, You could take a lick, but it’s too cold to bite me (Haha), Brr, brr, frozen, you’re the one been chosen, Play the part like Moses, keep it fresh like roses (Oh), Coldest with the kiss, so he call me ice cream, Catch me in the fridge, right where the ice be, Diamonds on my wrist, so he call me ice cream, You could double-dip ’cause I know you like me, Ice cream chillin’, chillin’, ice cream chillin’, But I’m sweet for you, come put me in a cone (In a cone), You’re the only touch, yeah, that get me meltin’, He’s my favorite flavor, always gonna pick him, You’re the cherry piece, just stay on top of me, so, Get it, flip it, scoop it, do it like that, oh yeah, oh yeah, Like it, love it, lick it, do it like la-la-la, oh yeah, Chillin’ like a villain, yeah, I ra-ra-ra, (Genius translation: Pedal to the metal in my La Fera, So fast, you keep slippin’, if you want it, I just get it, Needs an ice cream man that treats her (Hey), Ice on my wrist, yeah, I like it like this, copyright 2020 © all rights reserved by stylecaster, BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” lyrics. An abbreviation for "How About You" Get a hby mug for your Facebook friend Beatrix. So check out the lyrics below so you can sing along! The real meaning behind Selena Gomez and Blackpink's 'Ice Cream' Blackpink/YouTube By Frances Dean / Aug. 28, 2020 8:26 am EST / Updated: Aug. 28, 2020 8:57 am EST Here's How the Royal Family Reacted to Meghan Markle... SELPINK did THAT. “Chillin’ consists of different things. The collaboration with Gomez follows BLACKPINK’s first single, “How You Like That,” in June: After weeks of teasers, BLACKPINK announced Gomez as the mystery collaboration on the track in August. END: Relax take it easy check it when you see me I'm chillin' with an ice tea, watermelon icee (repeat) Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream chillin’ Na, na-na-na-na. Na, na-na-na-na (Hey) Ice on my wrist, yeah, I like it like this. It's not every day two of the world's biggest pop stars collab, so fans are savoring every minute of this incredible team up, after all. The only Korean lines are during Lisa’s rap toward the end of the song. This is because during the "ice cream chillin, ice cream chillin" part before Lisa's 2nd rap verse, Jisoo is the only one who sings it, nobody else. On Friday, Aug. 28, BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez gave their fans the ultimate treat by dropping a song together. The recipe also celebrated the final episodes of her HBO Max cooking show, Selena + Chef. The songwriter mentioned: “Keep it fresh like roses” has two meanings in a way. For those who aren’t BLINKs, BLACKPINK and Gomez released their new song, “Ice Cream,” on Friday, August 28, along with a sugar-coated music video full of sprinkles, cherries and, of course, pink. Play part like Moses in Ice Cream lyrics, meaning that the man should take part and keep things fresh between him and his girlfriend in a relationship. By far, "Ice Cream" was one of the most highly-anticipated collabs of the summer. Read the full lyrics to BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream ” below. Pints of the flavor was also featured in the “Ice Cream” music video. And I'm nice with the cream. Compared to BLACKPINK’s previous singles, most of the song is also in English. Now, "Ice Cream" is finally out and it's taking over social media. In honor of the release of “Ice Cream,” Gomez also created an ice cream flavor with Serendipity and Serendipity 3 restaurants, which she’s also a new investor in. If you know what I mean. An at once an all-inclusive guide to the meaning of hundreds of technical terms and ideas needed for ice cream manufacturing, as well as a practical introduction to the ingredients, freezing methods, flavoring, and packaging of ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, gelato, frozen … The lyrics to the song liken the girls to ice cream because they're so sweet and everyone wants them (#facts). Best of all, the melody is so fun and catchy, the song;s bound to be stuck in your head for the rest of the summer. BLACKPINK didn't reveal the song's featuring artist until Aug. 11, so the mystery surrounding "Ice Cream" kept fans on their toes. If you know what I mean Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream chillin' Na, na-na-na-na Na, na-na-na-na (Hey) Ice on my wrist, yeah, I like it like this And I'm nice with the cream Ice cream chillin', chillin', ice cream chillin' Ice cream chillin', chillin', ice cream chillin' VERSE 2: Selena Gomez, Rosé, Jisoo & Jennie. The flavor is available at retailers across the U.S. and on SerendipityBrands.com. ,” she wrote in the caption. Like obviously roses are known for smelling fresh but also keep things fresh between us and don’t get boring, buy me roses, surprise me. Before the announcement, fans theorized that the mystery collaboration was Ariana Grande, who was seen liking a teaser Jennie posted for “Ice Cream” on Instagram. Na, na-na-na-na (Hey) Ice on my wrist, yeah, I like it like this. The artists teased their team-up for weeks, and seeing all their interactions only made fans hungrier to hear their collab. “To celebrate the final episodes of Selena + Chef Season 1 on @hbomax and the release of ICE CREAM, I made a little extra recipe… @serendipity3nyc @serendipitybrands Sundae! Sometimes I like to just get in my bed, put the heat on at 90, have a nice Haagen-Daz ice cream and watch Cartoon Network.

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