But with a hybrid mattress, you can truly find a mattress that feels like it was made for you. This Euro Top Latex Hybrid Mattress combines 2 inches of Natural Latex and Zero Partner Disturbance Pocket Spring System. Hybrid mattresses can be put directly on the floor or on top of a box spring, if you want to raise the mattress height. No – Hybrid mattresses do not require a box spring. We also have an adjustable frame that provides additional comfort positions — great for reading … Essentially the hybrid mattress is an innerspring core loaded with high-density foam. The spring coil core of a hybrid mattress can be made of either innerspring or pocketed coils: Innerspring coils. We also provide the lowest pricing mattress in India with the best feature of hybrid mattress for your great sleep. Hybrid Mattress Are Versatile. If you get a pure foam mattress or a basic spring mattress, there’s only so much you can customize. Thankfully, the industry thinks there is a solution – hybrid mattresses. With the improvement of the mattress, a new newly hybrid mattress appears, which is trending as an option for those who hope to own both memory foam and innerspring mattresses. A hybrid mattress must use a support core of innerspring coils. This layer of coils is usually six to eight inches tall and is located toward the bottom of the mattress. Support Core. 5. Box springs are commonly used with innerspring mattresses, as they can distribute the weight of the innerspring mattress evenly. A hybrid mattress with a combination of springs and memory foams creates a mattress that offers great bounce and softness on top. A box spring is a wooden box wrapped in a cotton layer with springs and coils on the inside. These are often described as “old-school” mattress coils. The Spring Mattress Difference ↓ Scroll to Top 10. To the right is an image of a typical hybrid mattress for sale in the UK. Spring mattresses, commonly known as innerspring or hybrid mattresses, have metal coils in their build and with a legacy from the 1800s, are still some of the most popular and comfortable mattreses on the market today. These combine the ‘best of both worlds’ – a bit like those “Best Of Both” loaves of bread – they basically combine a memory foam with a pocket spring mattress. The construction of a hybrid mattress can be understood by explaining its constituent parts: the support core, transition layer, comfort layer, and cover. No, hybrid mattresses do not need a box spring. A hybrid mattress is a combination of different mattress materials to create the best comfort, this combination could be memory foam with pocketed springs, or springs, latex and memory foam. The high-quality, Individual Pocket Springs are sandwiched between two more layers of foam for motion isolation and edge support.

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