Best Heat Protectant for Straightening Natural Black Hair – Top Heat Protectants for African American Hair in 2020 Styling Natural hair is not an easy task. Before styling your hair with a blow dryer, flat iron, or any other high-heat styling tool, apply HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protectant. This is even more of a challenge when it comes to black hair. Black hair is thick, coarse, and usually very large in volume and curly. READ MORE >> The best heat protectant for curling However, the brand name or the price range hardly matters in terms of providing the exact facilitation necessary for straightening your hair. HSI, Paul Mitchell, Kenra, CHI, Garnier, L’Oréal are among the leading brands that have produced several variations of heat protectant hair sprays over the years. The HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protector will protect your hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees, thanks to nourishing argan oil. Styling or taming… It will protect the hair from heat up to 450°F. Use it on wet or dry hair before styling it for excellent results.

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