Audiocontrol also has a similar article that you can find here. Since then, I have been able to set it and forget it. To speak with a Harley-Davidson customer care representative, please call 1 … This curve can be real problematic for an aftermarket system because aftermarket speakers and amplifiers are engineered to be used with a radio that has a relatively flat frequency response. I get hardly no radio reception ,and a lot of static. The best-in-class Boom!™ Box audio and infotainment system blows away anything you’ll find in a car. There are a few ways of dealing with the EQ issue. from your phone. If you do not have a headset connected to the system, the media / music will pause if there is an incoming call, appointment alert, etc. Get the Official Harley-Davidson Boom!™ Box Video Tutorial Series Here! They are available from American Hard Bag. Select “Yes”. Use a DSR1 and the DSR1 signal harnesses that we have designed and your factory radio will be plug and play with your aftermarket stereo system. You’re about to experience your favorite tunes the way they should be enjoyed, with more volume, more clarity, and more richness. Squelch sets the range at which the radio receives CB transmissions from other CB users who are on the same channel; if it is set too high you will not be able to hear transmissions from other CB users. This article was originally written 3 years ago and a lot has changed since then. We have installed thousands of these units and have gone through the effort to create a setup file with a counter EQ curve for our customers and customers of our authorized dealers that flattens out the frequency response of the Harley radio to within 1 db from 45 to 17 khz. Harley radios have an EQ curve programmed into them. However, there are some usability differences when connected via Bluetooth vs. USB. In fact, there are several performance advantages to keeping the factory radio that you could never get with an aftermarket radio. Some of it can get a bit wordy, but if you are looking for definitive answers and spectacular results, read on. Low or high (speaker level) inputs. Even with all of the fancy equipment in the world at our disposal, this took a lot of effort and thorough testing on our part to get this right. This article is intended to be an aid to anyone looking to upgrade their Harley audio system with the new generation of radio. Can I connect 2 phones at one time (husband and wife on bike)? Harley Ride Planner Video-Map Your Trips & More-All Models! It is very possible to get great sound out of your ‘14 & up factory Harley radio. Select desired band. Why can I not find any FM channels on my radio? This means that you can plug it into a factory radio or use it with an aftermarket radio. If your radio is flashed for 4 speaker output, you must use load resistors or the above mentioned plug and play adapters on both front and rear outputs of the radio. We recommend that you turn this feature off. Go to Home > Set-up > System Information Software Version. Harttoo Well-Known Member. Additionally we include the opposite side of the Harley plug that allows you to make your amplifier speaker outputs plug & play with your fairing speaker pods. If it is set too low you will pick up noise constantly and media audio will never resume playing. Smoothing out the frequency response of the radio will do you no good if the factory radio distorts when you turn the volume up. Download the software update on your computer. RADIO SELECTING BAND 1. The information in this article applies to all '14 & up Harley radios regardless of which model radio you have (touch screen, no touch screen, GTS, nav, no nav etc.). What happens is that the radio clips (distorts) at a low volume when the factory speaker has been removed from the bike. Download, Visit to update your system with the latest map data. An unlimited number of setting files can be saved to your phone. The DSR1 packs in all of the best features that you could ask for (all but one, read on). If unable to find stations during a seek, tune or scan, check the categories that are selected. Can you connect one phone Bluetooth and one phone USB? These parts can all be purchased separately, but we offer a single part already put together. Squelch and VOX affect when the radio interrupts playing media and switches to playing CB or Intercom audio, respectively. This is because the amplifier built into the factory Harley radios is designed to drive a speaker and not designed to drive the inputs of an amplifier or processor. This is currently the most attractive option on the market in my opinion. This is because the amplifier built into the factory Harley radios is designed to drive a speaker and not designed to drive the inputs of an amplifier or processor.

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