Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Ensuring the right shape axe head for the job is the key to success. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. That is not always the cause, as some wood is naturally more hard to split, hence making the splitting maul bounce off even if it’s not blunt, but most of the time it really depends on whether the edge has some sharpness to it, or is absolutely blunt. Splitting of wood should of course be done with a splitting axe like the Ox 630 or the Ox 648. Splitting axes are made with a much wider striking face – akin to a hammer – making the job of splitting much easier. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Ochsenkopf has an axe selector to help you, but you can also tell from the shape of the head, to a certain extent, if you’re using the right axe for the job. Forging of course is also one of the keys to a strong and reliable tool. The next most important way to ensure quality in your axe is to choose the right axe for the job you’re going to do. I guess that is the most important question. Learn how your comment data is processed. Anyways, now on to the actual tutorial, and it should be pretty self explanatory. You can see in the Ox 620 H and others that the head is wider than the Iltis making it better for splitting, and thinner than the splitting axes making it a good match for the work the Iltis does. It’s obvious that a splitting maul shouldn’t be as sharp as something like an axe, because after all, it is used for splitting wood not chopping a tree down. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. For starters, despite a very small amount of online chatter about Ochsenkopf casting their axe heads, they actually do forge them. In other words, what was learned may not be correct and so what has become one person’s measure of quality may not actually be the right way to identify how good an axe is. Take your maul, rest it on a stool, chair, table, or put it in a vice, if you have one to keep it in place. Ochsenkopf recommends cambered edge over knife edge because with knife edge, axe blades tend to blunt quickly requiring re-grinding more often, so keep that in mind when you get a new axe and are sizing it up. There should be no nicks or gouges on the cutting surface. While one person may be incensed by the state of a given axe, another person may have nothing but high praise for the exact same axe. A fair number of the complaints about axes online is that “they aren’t sharp enough” or that they’re “not ground properly,” however if you know the advantages of the crowned cutting form, and the right level of sharpness, you may not jump so quickly to identifying an axe as substandard. You might also want to get a file card to brush off any material that get’s built up on the file as the time goes on, to make it perform at its best. Some people sharpen their splitting maul’s with an angle grinder, some with a bench grinder, others with a belt sander, but those ways are an overkill in my opinion. Although there are some who swear by using an axe sharp enough to shave with, it seems this might mean keeping the cambered shape while ensuring the edge is sharp enough to shave with, because Ochsenkopf’s own sharpening guide does recommend keeping and using a sharp axe, so logically Ochsenkopf has found a sharp cambered edge to be optimal. Even with the changes in technology and methods over time, they’ve got to be doing something right to still be in business after this many years. But what is the optimal sharpness for an axe? Ochsenkopf is a good brand to look to in general though, simply because they’ve been in the axe-making business since 1781. The axe head is tempered and hardened and the edge is honed to the optimal shape, hardness and sharpness. Every wood handled tool needs some additional handle care, and for a maul it’s not an exception – every season coat it with a nice layer of boiled linseed oil, to prevent from drying and cracking which can lead to premature breaking.

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