Stopping a statin short term won’t harm you and you will know within ten days or so whether it was causing the problem as that is how long it usually takes for side effects to wear off. Retrieved November 26, 2020 from … After that, doctors can prescribe it by its generic name, atorvastatin. ScienceDaily . However, unlike most statins that have cheaper generic equivalents, Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that created Lipitor, continues to have the exclusive right to market this medication until 2011. Scientists identify potential cause of statin-related muscle pain: Moderate exercise an antidote to known statin side effect. Common Side Effects … Stopping a statin does not always resolve side effects and most doctors are either not willing for their patients to stop or know how to treat unresolved side effects. Researchers studied over 28,000 patients in Massachusetts and found three in 10 stopped taking statins after experiencing side effects, which were presumed to be due to the drugs. The ironic “twist” is that “sugar” (and simple carbs) is the primary culprit in one developing heart disease and NOT by consuming good healthy saturated fats and cholesterol.

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