Founded in 1964, Genie has maintained its roots as a family business and continues to provide homeowners all over the country with replacement and repair component parts for their garage door opener including keypads, remotes, transmitters and just about any other repair part you could need. Product Code: 39654R. Sometimes, the sensor may be beyond repair due to wear and tear, and in such a case, your best bet is to replace the garage door sensor with a new one. Buy Now . It is a beneficial device if you have kids or pets in your house. Wiring a sensor for a Genie garage door opener is much like any other opener. Common issues include loss of door function or problems opening and closing the garage door. It prevents the doors from automatically closing when anyone is in the doorway. Buy Now . Step 1 Unroll the low-voltage wires on each side of the door from the sensor back toward the Genie power head. However, Genie uses clips to secure the wires to the opener rail rather than stapling the wires to the ceiling. The latest garage door sensors are technologically advanced and even allow you to control the opening and closing through an app on your smartphone. Compatible with all Genie openers produced since 1995. The working of these sensors is quite simple. Allow roughly 20 minutes for this task. Model: GL2T-BX. In addition to the main garage door assemblies and components for the ReliaG, IntelliG and TriloG product lines, you’ll also be able to find remote controls, keypads, carriages, infra-red sensors and other parts for your Genie garage door opener. The garage door sensors are the safety add on to your garage doors. To be used in conjunction with Aladdin Connect Smart Device Enabled Garage door Controller. Each low-voltage wire includes two strands encased in wire insulation. It operates on a low-voltage beam which completed the switch when the door is in running condition. The company specialize in keyless, remote-controlled garage entry systems. If you experience problems with your Genie garage door opener, there are several steps you can run through to try to clear up the problem. 2-Button LED Flashlight Remote Auto Seek Dual Frequency 390/315 MHz (For Intellicode products only) 2-Button Remote Control with Intellicode. Genie Door is the leading supplier of replacement garage door opener infra-red light beam safety sensors.

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