“Gurudatt is an enthusiastic gardener who has converted his home into a food forest. Plant Parents Take Note: Here’s How to Bring Plants Indoors This Winter, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your English Ivy Plant, Attention Plant Parents: Here's How to Move Your Herbs Indoors For Winter, 10 Space Heaters to Keep You Cozy This Winter, 8 Types of Ivy Every Plant Lover Should Know, Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Coffee Plant at Home, How to Care For (and Propagate) Your Rubber Plant, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your Prayer Plant, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your Jade Plant, Get Ready to See This Pretty Purple Plant All Over Instagram—And Our Homes, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your Parlor Palm, Your Complete Guide to Growing a Yucca Plant at Home, Everything You Need to Know to Care For (and Propagate) Your Peperomia, FYI: These Are The Best Houseplants You Can Add to Your Home, Everything You Need to Know About Your Alocasia Plant. In return, we would love it if you could help us spread the word about our new range of sustainable home cleaners: The Better Home. Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash, Bloem 2-Gallon Slate Resin Traditional Watering Can, How to Make a Lush Garden on a Modest Budget. Not many fruits and veggies can stand such heat, but there are a select few. He can grow anything! In the future, he plans to grow apples, cherries, and figs in 50-litre water drums. Consider growing these fruits in warmer climates: If you're not very patient, try growing kiwis because they mature quickly on vines and ripen in winter and spring, so you can enjoy them during the colder months, too. Corn or maize (Zea mays) originated in Central Mexico and is a member of the grass family. If you’ve only ever had it in a stew or gumbo … Leave the pot in a well-lit window and keep the soil moist (but not soggy). Soon, I hope to purchase grape seedlings, to cultivate some, and make homemade wine,” says Gurudatt. Temperatures in these climates seldom dip below freezing, and they present the ideal year-round growing conditions, particularly for citrus fruits. “If I have too much of one vegetable, I send the excess to friends and family staying in Goa,” he shares. While not a tree, some grapes grow well in hot, dry gardens including the ‘Thompson Seedless’, ‘Golden Muscat’ and the ‘Alden’. Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few fruits and veggies that actually thrive in cold weather. For example, these super warm climates can accommodate papaya and mango, which are otherwise difficult—if not altogether impossible—to grow in the United States. Corn. All the produce was neatly wrapped in newspapers and plastic covers, so there was no damage. I have purchased seedlings for the adeniums from dealers across the country. Once the plants grew taller, I used neem oil as a pesticide. The first fruit he planted were pomegranates. It’s also the smallest zone, limited primarily to Florida's southern tip and a small section of coastal Los Angeles. Soon, his interest to grow other varieties of vegetables expanded, and so did his garden. “The flowers come in more than 100 shades of colours, and they make the terrace look so vibrant. In the future, I plan to procure broken toilets, washbasins, and pipes to grow my plants in,” says the talented gardener. Because kiwis and their vines grow quickly, consider buying a trellis to support them. But I suggested that they plant fruit-bearing trees like guava, and mango so that it will benefit us in the future. They are grown in vases and other containers filled with a mix of sand and garden soil, vermicompost, and lined with charcoal or roof tile pieces at the base. Apart from vegetables, during the exhibitions, Gurudatt also procured a variety of seeds to grow fruits. Within a few months, I harvested the produce, and till date, those plants continue to grow in my garden,” he states. The warmer zones 10 and 11 can also accommodate these crops: Grapefruit comes into season in January, so it’s an excellent fruit to enjoy during those chilly winter months on the West Coast. He grows fruits such as chikoo, pomegranate, banana, guava, mango, and vegetables such as brinjal, gourds, celery, sweet potatoes, and more. Apart from that, I also purchased compost from a local nursery, to add nutrition to the plants. Gurudatt Naik is the proud owner of a luscious rooftop garden located in Borda, a bustling suburb in Margao, Goa. If you live in Puerto Rico, try growing these fruits and vegetables: While pineapples are certainly delicious, they are also very slow to mature. Still, your healthy eating habits and environmental commitments don’t have to hibernate until the weather warms up. He sent me amaranthus spinach, palak, chillies, capsicum, sweet potato, and brinjal. He grows vegetables of many kinds which are used for his family’s daily consumption. I had procured them from a friend who runs a commercial farm in Goa. By using the power of constructive journalism, we want to change India – one story at a time. Keeping sharing as his core value, if someone seemed interested in growing adeniums, he would offer a graft of his plant for free. Their house had a small balcony so he decided to start a garden which would produce fruits and vegetables for everyday use. I started potting all my seedlings in an organic potting mix, mixed with a little cocopeat. There are three varieties of lemons growing, one is small and round, the other is elongated, and the third one is sweeter compared to regular lemons,” he remarks. This resident of Goa is growing fruits such as pomegranate, guava, mango, and vegetables such as brinjal, sweet potatoes, and more on his terrace garden. He also hopes to procure grape seedlings, to start a vine on his terrace. Planting grapefruits is actually pretty easy. “There was space around my office building, and the officers were wondering what kind of flowering plants they could grow there to make the area look more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for some delicious ideas for fruits or berries to grow during the cold months, your options are going to depend on your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. If you're planting your first pear tree, try to choose a plot with access to bright and direct sunlight and well-drained soil. Before starting planting them, he attended workshops organised by other urban gardeners to understand how to grow them the right way. He also grows a … In fact, some can take up to two years. They can grow up to 40 feet tall! Too much water will dilute the sugars, making the melons bland. Blueberries (Vaccinium spp.) Okra. I usually place orders for them over a phone call, or online,” he says. He claims he would also speak to many farmers at exhibitions to get their advice too. In fact, the average temperature year-round is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Blueberries … After it was filled with potting mix and cocopeat, Gurudatt planted pomegranates and lemons side by side. All you have to do is water it lightly and leave the planter in the sunlight. In 2010, Gurudatt was posted to Margao and moved into an apartment complex with five homes along with his wife and two children. Here’s How, Click here if you want to make a contribution of your choice instead, Join our community of positive ambassadors. Zone 11 makes up the warmest and most tropical-friendly climate in the United States. I started growing the flowers after seeing them at a flower show held in Panjim, Goa. “While the onions grow in milk crates, brinjals, gourds, tomatoes, capsicum, amaranthus spinach, palak, sweet potato and more growing in 20-litre paint cans and broken buckets.

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