I am busy making a number of Christmas treats for the different critters on the farm and I thought I would post how I am making them..so this is the cow/horse/sheep treats.. so I mixed up some finely chopped oats, some high protein/alphfa feed, scratch, molassies, 2 quarts of home canned crabapple/wild apple sauce, fresh grated carrots and warm water, they are being mixed till they will form balls, then stuffed into the steel cupcake pan, frozen and then I will do a quick run of hot water on the back and pop them out, I have made enough for five or six dozen of them to be made, they will be handed out for christmas treats. Tall or tough pasture grass and hay might be especially difficult for an older sheep with dental issues to eat. If you change the available mineral mix for sheep, you should be prepared for the possibility of unexpected health repercussions among your flock. If necessary, you can administer a sheep-safe vitamin booster, under the guidance of your veterinarian, to help clear up any nagging deficiencies. Before letting sheep loose in their pasture, ensure that it has been thoroughly checked for toxic plants first! To prevent bloat on a new pasture, gradually introduce the sheep to it by letting them graze for only a few minutes each day for a few weeks, slowly allowing longer browsing time if they seem healthy. If the sheep in your care have been very susceptible to bloat in the past, your veterinarian may recommend adding a little, Sheep are natural grazers, so the majority of what they eat should take the form of grassy foods. Each of our cuts are expertly frozen to ensure freshness upon arrival. We have a huge selection of frozen and raw foods, including meat components and complete meals, there is something for everyone. However, an occasional treat can go a long way in keeping sheep happy (or motivated to come to you if they’ve snuck out of their, Cherry, chokecherry, elderberry, and plum trees, Older sheep can typically lose, break, or wear down some or many of their teeth through the course of their lives, especially if their food comes primarily from grazing on natural terrain. By giving them foods that do not require the extensive chewing that hay and grass require, you can ensure residents with dental issues are still getting all of the nutrients they need. Automatic watering systems with thermostats for automated heating are a good option to minimize spilling and keep the sheep well-hydrated in freezing conditions. ( Log Out /  Your feedback helps us make the best resources possible! If it seems like older sheep aren’t thriving, it could be a vitamin or mineral imbalance due to less effective chewing and digestion or an underlying health condition. Overweightness in sheep can lead to a host of health issues. While this tends to be more of an issue for goats, who are more likely than sheep to stand up on their hind legs to eat, these feeders still pose a risk to sheep, so it’s best to avoid them. They try their best to chew the grass or hay, but because of their dental issues, they just can’t break it down enough to digest. Our lamb & goat meat is USDA inspected, vacuum sealed for freshness and then frozen. Sheep should always have ready access to sheep-formulated minerals, either in the form of loose minerals in a clean dispenser or from mineral blocks in a clean holder. As a result of this complex digestive system, sheep need to graze for at least eight hours per day. Goats can safely eat minerals formulated for sheep, but if you choose this route for both species, you may need to provide the goats with copper supplementation. Underweight sheep may be losing out on food from competing sheep or be eating and ingesting less due to teeth troubles and may need their own special source of food to stay healthy.

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