When flowerhorn shows agressiveness, its potential is fully … Orders over $69.00 can be shipped for FREE via 1-3 day Priority Mail. Shipping We ship via USPS Priority mail and Fedex Monday through Thursday. Red Devil, Trimac Cichlids, and Blood Parrot Cichlids were imported from Central America to Malaysia. The parrot cichlid was bred into existence in the 1980s. pH: 6.5 – 8.0. A cross between Red Dragon Flowerhorn and a King Kong Parrot, this is an Asian import. Natural Habitat – or Lack Thereof . King Kong Parrots are sometimes colored purple or blue by pigment … As previously mentioned, the blood parrot cichlid is a hybrid species, meaning that it has no natural habitat outside of a lab. The fish were first produced in Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan. Adults will require a tank measuring 6ft x 2ft x 2ft to really be able to thrive. Average Size: 6-7 inches. It is believed that these Parrot Cichlids are the result of crossing Midas Cichlid and redhead cichlid. Doing so is popular among kamfa hobbyists and breeders. I would not suggest you to do so. Only 20% of these fish grow to a size of a half kilogram. It is said that this fish was created in Taiwan in 1986 and recently like 10-15 years ago they started getting popular among fish keepers. Lifespan: 10 – 15 years. Ideally driftwood and rocks should be placed on the base of the … Flowerhorn Cichlids are pretty demanding when it comes to tank volume. The Flowerhorn Parrot resembles the Three-spot Cichlid in colour and pattern, but the Red Parrot Cichlid in shape. You should allocate at least 70 gallons per one fish and 150 gallons per pair. The majority of Cichlids have become known as pretty aggressive species with … Asian fish hobbyists then took a liking to Flowerhorn Cichlids. The shape of the King Kong is similar to the red devil cichlid, and, when it reaches a size of 18 cm, the shape of the mouth changes to a triangle with a more protruding jaw. Flowerhorn Cichlid Tank Mates . Temperament: Playful. Some hobbyists like to put a red parrot cichlid into a tank with a flowerhorn. Flowerhorn cichlids are subject to several diseases, including hole-in-head disease, "ich", and digestive blockages. If you plan on keeping them with other Cichlids or species, you will need at least 215 gallons. Flowerhorn are territorial and dominant fish, the same as parrot or blood parrot fish. Quick Care FactsCare Level: Expert Temperament: Semi-aggressive Maximum Size: 15" Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallons Water Conditions: 82-88° F, pH 4.5-6.5, dH 4-8 Diet: Carnivore Origin: Amazon Basin, South America Family: Cichlidae Species: Parrot Cichlids Aquarium Type: Cichlid-New-World Diet: Omnivore. The Red devil and the Blood Parrot were bred together, creating the Flowerhorn. … You can also select FedEX Priority Overnight for One of the reasons is to keep the flowerhorn active and aggressive. Ideal Tank Temperature: 72 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Origin. What Size Aquarium Do They Need? Priority Mail is $15.00 up to $68.99. As these fish can attain quite a modest size, a spacious aquarium is requisite, along with sturdy decor that can stand up to the rigours of these inquisitive diggers. Most flowerhorns are raised individually in separate aquariums or with a divider between them after the size of 1 - 1.5 inches for the rest of their lives. Minimum Tank Size: 30 Gallons Tank Set-Up: Freshwater with open space and hiding spots Compatible: Species only tank or peaceful community. There is a … United States and European hobbyists keep flowerhorns, but importing Flowerhorn Cichlids … Max Sizes: 8 inches.

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