March 5, 2018 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing strategy articles. Planning is … The planning function of the management has certain special features. At the end of that period there is need for a new plan to be drawn on the basis of new requirements and future conditions. Your email address will not be published. 4) Planning is an essential function of management. There is no point of time when planning stops or is interrupted hence regarded as a constant process. What is Midlife Crisis and How to Deal with it? Possible changes in legal framework revolving around social, economic and technological aspects need to consider since the essence of planning is ensuring that future elements are put in mind for attaining the set objectives. Best Tips to Master Charisma Skills. Planning focuses on achieving objectives: Organizations are set up with a general purpose in view. The goals established should general acceptance otherwise individual efforts & energies will go misguided and misdirected. i intend to write a complete article on marketing planning / plans. All other management functions like organising, staffing, directing and controlling are performed within the framework of the plans drawn. I am a serial entrepreneur & I created Marketing91 because i wanted my readers to stay ahead in this hectic business world. Planning is made to achieve desired objective of business. It is neither an exclusive function of top management nor of any particular department. 6) Planning is a process rather than behaviour. Enterprise Resource Planning Feature of MRP Software. Good project management software features include: Project planning and scheduling; Team collaboration; Time tracking; Reporting; Project budgeting; Billing & quotes; After you’ve finished this guide you’ll have a clear understanding of the essential PM software features and are ready to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right PM software for you. 5) Planning is continuous. In the absence of planning no other function of management can be performed. For example, a company plans to achieve a sales target of 112 crores a year. It thus demonstrates how planning is crucial when it comes to decision making in various elements that need to be undertaken within an organisation. 4) Planning is an essential function of management, 6) Planning is a process rather than behaviour. These features throw light on its nature and scope. Planning should never be regarded as behaviour because it is its process that defines the actions to be carried out as a way of implementation. Therefore, upon expiry or achievement of the particular course, there is a need for having prepared another plan for seamlessness. Planning is considered as the key component of the Directorate before any other functions like staffing, organising, controlling and directing. Strategic Planning – Features. It is this process that therefore determines the ensuing course of action that has to be undertaken in ensuring that executing is all-in-one. 2) Planning is futuristic. And thus planning is used in selecting the best and at the same time rejecting those regarded as inappropriate. The following are the salient features of strategic planning: 1. It provides sense of direction to various activities. 2. This primarily means that is future-oriented in the sense that it focuses majorly on the prospective outcomes which is an important feature of planning. These features throw light on its nature and scope. Ordinarily, there are usually more alternatives when it comes to selecting an ideal course of action for a particular purpose. Planning is also continuous because the business environment is always dynamic hence need for ensuring that you remain cognizant of any imminent change and act on it immediately. I will have to make plan either I will go by bus or by train. Process of Questioning: It answers questions like where we are and where we want to go, what we are and what we should be. You can follow me on Facebook. This article throws light upon the top ten characteristics of good planning. Planning is nothing but thinking before the action takes place.It helps us to take a peep into the future and decide in advance the way to deal with the situations, which we are going to encounter in future. (ii) Planning is a primary function of management: Planning lays down the base for other functions of management. The viral article claims CERN is about to communicate with a parallel universe, The Black Hole Breakthrough wins 2020 Nobel Physics Prize, The 12-year-old became the youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion, The “Supercooled” water is really two liquids in one, Scientists have got the maximum speed of the Sound. It implies peeping into the future, analyzing it and predicting it. Planning has no meaning unless it contributes to the achievement of predetermined organizational goals. I love writing about the latest in marketing & advertising. Can you please differentiate between types of planning,techniques of planning and planning system under ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANNING. organising, staffing, directing and controlling, as they are performed within the periphery of the plans made. Thus, planning is purposeful. Planning has no meaning unless it contributes to the achievement of … Here are 6 Features of Planning. Pervasive: Planning is mandatory at all levels of management as well as in all departments of the organisation. But it should be understood that not all of these available options can be suitable for the business. Characteristics of Planning. ERP feature of MRP software lets you manage your overall resources being utilized within company. Features of Planning : Planning Focuses on Achieving Objectives Every organisation has a set of goals to be achieved. Table of Contents. The other reason is that there are instances when discrepancies may occur hence necessitating the need for revising the initially drawn plan to suit the prevailing situation. Thus, planning precedes other functions. In order to … Specific goals are set out in the plans along with the activities to be undertaken to achieve the goals.

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