Easily compare prices & reviews to find the best exfoliator just for you on MIRA today. When you apply exfoliators, make sure that you are extra gentle with it. Always use an excellent mineral sunscreen every day.” And you don’t want to overdo it. Chemical exfoliators, on the other hand, use acids to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to slough off. But that doesn't mean it's just for those with youthful skin. "Chemicals can be harsh and sometimes hard to control the depth of the exfoliation. It benefits everyone, regardless of age.For those with "mature" skin, Chilukuri says that regular exfoliating will promote cell turnover and prevent a sallow appearance over time. The 15 Best Face Exfoliators for Mature Skin. For chemical exfoliators, ... your dead skin cells are more adherent and don't flake off as quickly, ... making it nearly impossible to over-exfoliate and cause unwanted micro-tears in your skin. "Manual exfoliators such as ground-up, plant-based products can cause micro-tears in the epidermis," explained Colbert. [PSA] Scrubs like St. Ives don’t cause “micro tears.” It’s all crap and rumors. by GossipPress April 24, 2020, ... as they can cause micro-tears in the skin—at any age,” Chilukuri says. There’s no research to back it up. ... product, you should not have to stop your retinol. While chemicals break the bonds between skin cells, manual ones chafe off a layer [but] both can be great for the skin if used properly." If you’re too aggressive when applying, it can cause micro-tears on your skin, which you may not see on the surface but you will definitely notice the long-term damage of it in the next few years. Find all the best exfoliators by Kleenex. “All scrubs containing large particles like apricot kernels should be avoided, as they can cause micro-tears in the skin, at any age,” says Chilukuri. What you want to avoid are overly aggressive mechanical exfoliators, which can cause damage regardless of your skin type or age. When buying physical face exfoliators like scrubs and masks, make sure to choose products that don’t contain large, irregularly-shaped exfoliants such as fruit seeds, volcanic rocks, or shells from nuts. While they may be more eco-friendly, these can cause micro-tears to form on your skin. Physical exfoliators—like grainy scrubs or brushes—require mechanical force to buff away dead skin cells, which can create micro-tears in the skin in the process.

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