You'll find the Elite 1965 Casino true to the original made famous by The Beatles. Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst Gear returned in mint condition. The Epiphone range of the 1960s closely followed the Gibson guitars of the same time; they were both made in the same fatory in Kalamazoo. A favorite of Gary Clark, Jr., Dwight Trash and, most famously, John Lennon, the A finely crafted, great-sounding, and easy-playing instrument that beautifully blurs the line between Epiphone and Gibson. The build is … The Casino corresponds to the Gibson ES330 … Well, as Jimmy Cricket used to say, there's more: with two new takes on Epiphone 60s classics – the Casino in three new Worn finishes, and the Riviera. … The Casino is one of Epiphone’s most beloved instruments and a rock ’n’ roll staple – after all, it was the guitar Paul McCartney used to track the iconic Taxman on the Beatles’ Revolver.. Now, Epiphone … Let's look at the Casino. If you're looking for a virtually new instrument in possibly less-than-perfect packaging, this is a great value.

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