Comprising three islands and 26 smaller islets, the Komodo National Park is an all-round carnival for nature lovers, with breathtaking underwater scenery and a beautiful island landscape. It’s where traditional houses are as iconic as the blissful coasts and indigenous handicrafts. In some places they stamp this term on everything in order to sell to well meaning travelers. Several non-profit organizations have created tours that help their cause directly or simply want to help the forests, oceans, beaches, animals, children, and the air we breathe. In Indonesia, ecotourism started to become an important concept from 1995, when there was a national seminar and workshop hosted by Pact-Indonesia and WALHI in Bogor. Raja Ampat Islands, Waisilip, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia. Some of the islands are home to historical landmarks, such as the fortresses in Bidadari and Onrust Islands. Eco-tourism: the business of organizing holidays to places of natural beauty in a way that helps local people and does not damage the environment. This beautiful location is filled with new spots to discover and life-changing experiences. Ecotourism in Indonesia is slowly, but surely taking off. For eco-conscious travellers who want to embrace the archipelago in all its natural glory, discover the best ecotourism experiences in Indonesia’s islands. The campaign, ‘#startwith1thing’ spearheaded by the documentary Racing Extinction is a wonderful example of how each and every person can get involved no matter how big the change. The vast sea gardens have a very rich coral ecosystem, home to hundreds of species of fish, corals, sponges, and mollusks. Tourists can learn so much about sustainable living and conservation by visiting the islands’ conservation centers and supporting local initiatives, such as the Gili Meno Sea Turtle Sanctuary or coral reef rehabilitation centers in Gili Trawangan. Also a popular birdwatching spot, tourists are presented with a real chance to see the endangered Bali Starling, among others. This ecotourism concept offers protection for easily contaminated tourism objects. Here are just a few examples of some rock stars doing the good work right here in Indonesia: At Azul Unlimited, we do our part in being sustainable and continue to improve in this aspect as we grow as a company.Â. Are you doing something for the environment? The West Bali National Park covers a huge area of coastline, rainforest, mangroves and more, bringing together wonderful biodiversity to observe and enjoy. Therefore, in Indonesia there is emerged the concept of ecotourism. We prefer the more chilled beaches with fewer crowds and Sanur is one of our favourites in the south. Comprising two big islands and several smaller ones, this archipelago has enough going on to keep you excited for weeks. ‘Eco-friendly’ It’s definitely a buzz word in the tourism industry these days…, You have probably seen good and bad examples of eco-tourism all throughout your travels. It’s easy to talk the talk, but not everyone walks the walk. This archipelago off the coast of Papua is a world-famous diving paradise, loved for its rich marine biodiversity and pristine nature. There are so many beautiful places in Bali. In the south of the island are the most popular tourist beaches such as Kuta and Seminyak. See their practices first hand. Copyright 2018 Azul Unlimited | All Rights Reserved | Designed by, Hello! The PADI courses available include Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, EFR, Divemaster and Sidemount. There is a huge plastic culture here so the primary focus for change is on the education of the youth. From stunning coasts to historic colonial heritage, the Bangka Belitung Islands are a rounded ecotourism destination for every taste. Then, when you look behind the scenes, the only ‘green’ part of their business is the sign in the window that said ‘eco-friendly.’Â. Gili Islands, Gili Indah, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Krakatoa, Anak Krakatau Island, South Lampung Regency, Lampung, Indonesia. However, you can also do most of the highlights in just a few days, including visiting the turtle conservations, staying in eco-friendly lodges, diving, and exploring charming local villages. They offer an alternative way of travel for those seeking more responsible travel for their vacations. Kepulauan Seribu Regency, Jakarta, Indonesia. Serving only vegetarian/vegan food on our, Participate with the local program, Trash Hero Komodo, in weekly beach cleanups and educational events, Waste is disposed of according to Trash Hero regulations, Adopted the dive site Batu Bolong through Project AWARE and complete one Dive Against Debris every month along with trash report, Sell only local, sustainable sunscreen in the dive shop, Dive shop is a water bottle refill station in Labuan Bajo. Breathtaking natural appeal, fascinating culture, and traditional communities are just a few aspects that make ecotourism thrive in Indonesia. The development of these islands follow eco-friendly principles, resulting in a rich variety of different conservation centers, eco lodges and resorts. ¿Como te podemos ayudar con tu buceo en Komodo?). Meanwhile, Australia has begun research related to ecotourism policy since the early 90s, with a significant increase in the research effort two decades later (Figure 1). We also highly recommend Lovina Beach in the north of the island which is less crowded than a lot of the other beaches and a grea… Luckily the whole tourism scene here follows through with an elaborate ecotourism concept, from eco-friendly resorts to conservation centers and cultural excursions. Beyond the seabed, Bunaken has other ecotourism activities to enjoy such as exploring mangrove conservation, trekking, spotting endemic wildlife, and visiting nearby villages.

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