ous Discus Fish for sale Different strains available from 5"-7" Stunning quality very healthy and eating well Prices starting at £50 please message to see what is available as they are listed elsewhere. Main Menu. Delivery available. About Us; Pricelist; November Stock Pics; Archive; Handling; Previous We strive to keep as many strains of discus available as possible giving a large choice of discus fish, choose from including checker boards and blues and many more strains of discus. 8 adult discus fish for sale email me for details and prices. eating on beefheart and discus flakes Pin it. They are not compatible with larger aggressive fish such as oscar's or smaller fin nipping varieties. Log in to see your followed searches. Terms  Contact Us      Reviews     Blog      Delivery info     Links, We have many discus for sale, in fact one of the largest in the UK selections. fairly small sized discus no problems with neither just changing my tank. Kept in a community tank they will do well with most community fish, tetras and such like make good tank companions. - pigeon snakeskin +/- 1.5" (£15) Discus fish are flat in appearance and the extended fins gives them the disc shape hence "discus" as their common name. North Wales. 5 years ago; For Sale; Fish; Discus; Birmingham . England/Wales/Scotland mainland overnight delivery available through DEFRA registered courier. WILL BE SENT OUT. Discus can be housed with many any other fish as long as they require the same water conditions. All our discus for sale are 100% bred from top quality parents, no cross breeding just pure bred discus. 41 days ago. We have now launched our new "Boost" feature. Discus come in many variants, with such a choice to choose from sometimes its difficult to decide which discus to have in the tank. For sale home breed discus fish We are one of a handful that can sucessfully hand rear discus unlike many that try and fail, we dont do cheap imports or badly bred German discus. This advert is located in and around Discus though are better kept with at least 3 or 4 in one tank, it seems it just wouldn't be right keeping one on its own. Contact the Seller. We are proud to say we are in a minority of breeders who can hand rear them. Favourite this Advert. Report. Here you will find pictures of my Hatchery and of Discus available for sale. WHEN USING A DISCOUNT CODE DO NOT ORDER THE FOOD. Torquay, South Devon, Baby discus growing very quick pic 1 is actual babies pic 2 is mum pic 3 is dad. Thanks, This advert is located in and around Discus fish are tropical fish, their natural habitat are the ponds and rivers around the Amazon river basin in South America. This advert is located in and around Discus Fish Breeder Add us to your favorites : Welcome to the Great Lakes Discus Web Site! all younge and very healthy they are going to be stunners when older and nice shape 2/2.5" DISCUS   3" PLUS DISCUS  DELIVERY   REVIEWS   CONTACT US. Discus Fish Sales are one of the UK's No1 specialist breeders and suppliers of discus. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Preloved, of your Preloved account and return to the homepage, Use this button to open and close the breadcrumb list, Navigate to the sub-categories of Home and Family, Display the search results in a grid layout, Display the search results in a list layout, This advert has no user uploaded images or videos, Piano aquarium fish tank discus custom built very rare, Proven breeding pair of cobolt blue discus fish for sale, Proven breeding pair of pigeon blood discus fish, You are currently on search results page 1 of 2. Fully Licenced by East lindsey district council Licence number AWL0128. being feed 6/8 times daily as thats... You are currently on search results page 1 of 2, We'd love your help to develop Preloved in the direction that, you, our incredible members want…. Never kept them before? Your Recent Searches will appear here. Ready to leave now.please contact for your requirements. FOOD MAY NOT APPEAR ON THE INVOICE BUT WILL STILL BE SENT OUT.

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