Being American is being someone else ( European, Latino, negro, Chinese, Arab,…….etc) but living in what is politically called USA and have a paper that says that he is citizen of USA. But then, the Americans would rather do activities on their own as it pushes their limits allowing them to actualize what they can really do. That his democracy is in black water! I agree with Mr. Bruce Hyman for all things he said. Furthermore, US citizens count on liberty of expression. These divergence have also been the root of their prolonged struggle all throughout the account of humanities in this world. Your email address will not be published. No other than these. There is no need to resubmit your comment. The global masses have always tried to distinguish the culture of Arabs and Americans, why? There are still some issues American press face similar to the Arab media, but what’s better is that they have the freedom to publish without being heavily regulated. Since 600 A.D., the Arab nations have been governed based on the monotheistic teachings as instituted in the sacred writings of Qur’an believed to be revealed by God through the Prophet Muhammad. The media in the Arab nation is moderated by the present. The Arabs and Americans understand each others’ languages in a different sense producing between them rift on the issues of society and politics, economy and religion. The Arabs are guided primarily by the instructions of, while the Americans are free-spirited and contemporary, Both of them vary in their methods and more depending. They are not! There are not political parties and elections. Cite They prefer doing their job with freedom so can be more efficient. But Arab can be an American. Business cards should be in Arab and English. of the Islamic clergymen. While the US culture is more based on individual faith, in Saudi Arabia the Islam is the main religion. The family is always the central part of the social group in all Arabic nations; and it is greatly considered to be the primary system for security of the society. One important thing to note about them though is that Americans are monochromic which means they view time as a valuable resource that should not be worthless. That means that both countries have different believes, citizens see life in different ways and they also have different festivities or religious celebration. In the topic of marriage in the Arab culture,this is an event that marks the change of the bride’s life through the acceptance, honor and blessing given to her by the society. This democratic way of news reporting is usually the cause of invasion of privacy and conflict of interest. Nowadays, globalization determines the world we live in. But Arab can be an American. Own living ways in their own society and community. you continue: “The American side see it [sic] as a socio-economic pursuit to establish a presence in the Arab region.” Whatever “it” is, the sentence cannot be read with the word “terrorism” in place of the word “it”, unless you think that terrorism is in any sense a “socio-economic pursuit”. Whatever you think of Islam, 600 BC doesn’t cut it. Required fields are marked *. Americans even have the freedom to be a part of a religion or not. While the Arab countries ensure the retention of the Islam as their national religion; the Americans on the other hand have their individualistic view on faith where each person is entitled to the liberty of deciding on what kind of teaching they should be into. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Written by : Julian Angelo. In the US, there is no limit or restriction in terms of access to news about what it is happening around the world. Some weddings also include bridal showers, garter and bouquet tossing, exchanging of rings and more. In contrast to that, Americans view terrorism as insurgencies and bomb attacks of the Islam to cause fear to the American citizens motivated by the Arabs’ inclination to dominion in the social, political and spiritual sense that is often ascribed as Islamic extremism.

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