It took place for the first time from 11-13 March 2016 and was exclusively organised by students. Development Studies, Study and examination regulations and module catalogue, Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network, Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, University of Florence, School of Economics and Management, programme managers for local and international development organisations, including government agencies, non-governmental organisations and community groups, policymakers at bilateral and multilateral organisations, such as GIZ, the World Bank and the United Nations, as well as for civil society advocacy groups, an academic career as a researcher/doctoral student, Methods and theories of development research, Qualitative and quantitative research methods. Upon completion of the programme, your study focus which will be indicated in your final transcript. The ISS has a long experience in this area already. Students from the MA programs “International Economics and Business” as well as “Development Studies” have the possibility to study a term at these institutions. In general, the key word to summarize the excursion is ambivalence. Out of the 60 ECTS credits referenced above, 10 ECTS credits (or a minimum of 300 hours of coursework) must come from empirical research methods, such as data collection, data analysis, mathematics and/or statistics. Register now! Additionally, our small but international group of students invites for interesting discussions and learning about different countries and cultures on firsthand information. Completion of the research seminar and the colloquia is compulsory for all students on the programme. He spoke about the issue of “One World – Our Responsibility. The programme provides outstanding opportunities to put theory into practice through international field research, with a strong focus on integrating quantitative and qualitative methods. Can I apply anyway? The programme addresses the worldwide need for experts in the expanding field of development research as well as for project managers in international development cooperation. Afterwards an interesting panel discussion with inputs from Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm (Chair of Development Economics) and Prof. Dr. Padmanabhan (Chair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies with a focus on Southeast Asia) as well as Prof. Dr. Ursula Reutner, the Vice President for International Relations. A first (bachelor’s or equivalent) university degree in a social science, i.e. The wide range of courses enables you to specialize in a field of your own interest, may it be Economics, South East Asia or Sustainability. Studying at the University of Passau offers me two major advantages. Regardless of which career path I ultimately choose, I am convinced that my Master's degree in Development Studies is the optimal foundation. On January 10, 2019, students, lecturers and professors of the program departed to the picturesque village of Neuschönau in the Bavarian Forest for a three-day research trip. Each one has its own story to tell, especially how and why it has survived more than a century of inhabitation or usage. Graduates have a wide range of potential career paths within the development field, such as: The module group ‘Foundation Modules’ consists of two examination modules that must be completed by all students: The module group ‘Research Methods’ consists of modules about research methods as well as a research seminar and two research colloquia. early May to 30 June). To analyze the latter, Professor Rüdiger Korff encouraged a selection of students to participate in a two-week excursion from March 25 to April 7, 2019 in order to trace back colonial heritage in the Southeast Asian urban environment. After this Master’s program I would like to lead the communications department of a NGO or a multilateral agency; a step further would be to run my own socially driven company that produces documentary films in order to draw attention to the most important development issues. What particularly motivated me to go to Passau was the interdisciplinary design of the program. If you do not have basic knowledge of German at the time of application, you will be offered a free language course either before the start or within the first two semesters of the degree programme. Prof. Dr. Peters offers the following seminar in the forthcoming winter term 2019/20:Development Economics:Rural markets in developing countries - Supply of and demand for technologies, services, and ideasYou can find the seminar in StudIP under the number 32500. This first degree must have been obtained as part of a programme of study with a minimum standard duration of three years' full-time study. These activities confronted me early with challenges of global development differences, inequality and extreme poverty. On the first day, all students presented the current state of their research proposals and received comprehensive feedback from their peers and professors. Students then elaborated their proposals in student working groups and in direct dialogue with their supervisors. The lecturers and the tuition they provide has helped me gain more understanding on mind-boggling developmental issues especially with reference to developing countries. The M.A. Unless English is your first language or the language of instruction for your undergraduate studies or secondary school education, you will need to prove that you have adequate English skills (level B2 CEFR or higher) by means of a recognised language certificate. Out of these, 40 students from 19 countries have started their studies. The share of students from emerging and developing countries has increased from 22% in the first batch to 83% in the current batch. All modules in this module area are examination modules. The time between the videos serves as a good opportunity for all audience members to engage with the students, professors and  staff members of the Master program to gain insights into the depth of Development Studies to possibly find the program suitable for their own future. The thematic focus of this meeting will be the refugee crisis. Students must earn a minimum of 25 ECTS credits in this module group to proceed. Infosheet from the Academic Advice Service, Subject-specific study and examination regulations for the M.A. Any past achievements and qualifications gained in 'Wirtschaftswissenschaften' (combined business and economics programmes) must be derived specifically from economics ('Volkswirtschaftslehre') modules. Do I need to submit an English language certificate? For us students, this excursion is the very start of a continuous thought process and a particularly insightful experience for history, urbanism and struggles in Southeast Asia. Finding the University of Passau as one of the excellent young universities in the world through the DAAD international programs was a perfect start for my journey to study Development Studies at a Masters level. Five of our alumni have started a development-related PhD program. A general course in research methods is not enough and does not count in this case. For this end we offer empirical involvement equipped with critical thinking and sound methods at the MA:DS!' How do I translate my final grade to the German marking system? or 'Which policies should we focus on?' This webpage for prospective students of this program is from the first batch of Development Studies students. In general, the key word to summarize the excursion is ambivalence. If you apply using your preliminary transcript instead of the final certificates, you will be offered a place on condition that you submit your final certificates to the Student Registration Office by no later than the 10th week of lectures in the first semester of your degree programme at the University of Passau. For highly qualified graduates from third-world, threshold, or developing countries, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Bonn, Germany, grants up to ten full scholarships per year to cover the expenses for the whole two-year programme at the University of Passau.

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