In the arrangement, every part has a fixed place and definite role to play. In its absence, conflict will arise between them and social disorganization will set in. Duncan Mitchell - “Social organization means the interdependence of parts, which is an essential characteristics of all enduring collective groups, communities and societies”. It’s in their DNA. Unanimity among Members. It is inevitable in complex and heterogeneous society the possibility of conflict of role in a simple society, is less, but it exists, all the same. Detribalization and Sanskritization always effected role reversal of those who joined the structured society. 2. A body can function only as long as all its various organs perform their respective functions much the same can be said of society. Roles are also classified as the instrumental and the expressive, the instrumental role refers to the performance of tasks and the expressive role to the manifestation of sentiment. 4.  More than 135,000 businesses start every day, but around 90 percent of them fail, according to Failory In a society, all the members have no equal status but having difference in sex, physical capabilities, age and group. Yet, as everywhere, because of her bodily specialization for reproduction, she performs the kind of tasks that accord with her child-bearing function, housekeeping etc. Status is position that one holds in a given system according to Hundberg, it is the “comparative amount of prestive, deference of respect accorded to persons who have been assigned different who have been assigned different roles in a group or community.”. TOS Sociologists have different opinions on how to define social structure. So, there exists an interaction between social organization and social group and both are interlinked with each other. It is historical since in all ages men inherited or acquired status and it is historical sinces in all ages men inherited or acquired status and it is universal because status inheritance and acquisition is recognized commonly in all societies. Like status the ascribed role may come to the performer by virtue of birth in particular family sex and age. These organizations are the means through which individuals adjust their behaviour to environmental conditions. Content Guidelines It is so since every society may classify its population according to kinship, profession, sex, job, functions and other types. Unanimity means the full agreement among the members of a social organization who accept the situation willingly. Social disorganization starts the moment this control of society is lifted from upon the members. The social group is a part of social organization. The concepts of role and status occupy a central place in the analysis of social structure. them. Between the ninth and fifteenth centuries, during the Middle Ages, feudalism was developed in Western Europe as a social, political and economic system. In every society small groups are combined and form a social organization but when it becomes disintegrated and again leads to the formation of small group. Later on when the Brahims abused their privileged position to the deteriorated further, the unanimity of opinion in favour of this system was destroyed and this resulted in the introduction of a note of choose and disorder into Hindu community. The members of society will be prompt in accepting their status and role only when society has control over them. Except for infancy, age status is anticipated by inheritance. Duncan Mitchell - “Social organization means the interdependence of parts, which is an essential characteristics of all enduring collective groups, communities and societies”. “A difined position in the social structure that is distinguished from and at the same time related to other positions. Social responsibility is always the main purpose for creating an organization. Social organization refers to ‘the way people relate themselves to one another’. A conscientious minister for industries, when called upon to decide the claims of applicant such as 0ne supported by the -capitalist, who partly financed his elections and another who comes through common channel f0r issuing an industrial license may face such a situation. Social organizations or institutions arise out of social needs and situations of members. The Purpose. To understand the functioning of a system, […] It it were so the social system will breakdown. In society, it is not possible to apportion roles to all individuals in such a way that everyone gets same and equal work. It does not imply that the role conflict the common and that the multiplicity of roles cannot be performed. A role may be ascribed or achieved. This network of relationships helps members of a group stay connected to one another in order to maintain a sense of community within a group. Unuversally, sexual status is inherited. Therefore, social organization is based upon social groups.

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