Making A Mesclun Mix To Be Proud Of. Jul 21, 2018. A delightful combination of greens that brings colour and mild flavour; a red and a green leaf lettuce provide colour; corn salad adds sweetness; and kale is for abundance and good health. We’re going to grow meclun the same way we would grow any lettuce. Translated from the Portuguese verb mesclar, the word mesclun means to mix thoroughly. Plant them in containers, raised beds, or among slower growing vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli for a quick crop before these other vegetables shade them out. The key to growing Mesclun, is to provide plenty of moisture and fertilizer. The traditional French mesclun mix contains chervil, arugula, endive, red and green lettuces in equal proportions. In this case it refers to tender leafy greens and can include arugula, endive, chervil, young red and green lettuces, baby spinach, mustard greens, frisée, mizuna, young Swiss chard, radicchio and sorrel.Young collard greens, tatsoi, dandelion greens, and garden cress may also be used. Once the weather warmed up I planted the entire mini flat outdoors in the garden. These greens also only need 2 to 3 hours of direct sun a day to produce, so they work great in small yards and containers. However, some general recommendations that should apply to most greens can be considered. Even growing and stable, this salad leaf mix can be sown virtually all year round. Mesclun is ideal for close planting in a raised bed garden or in a container. To do this, you can either plant in a location that gets afternoon shade from a tree or structure, or you can use shade cloth. Plant and grow mesclun mixes from early spring to late summer and fall. This is an easy to grow tasty mix of greens. Full sun for at least 6 to 8 hours a day – partial afternoon shade is acceptable and, actually, preferred – to keep the greens from overheating if they are growing during the hot, humid midsummer months. Mesclun mixes are quick growing greens that are harvested young. What is Mesclun? How to Grow Mesclun: Growing Mesclun is easy. Salad Leaf Mesclun Mixed is a lettuce based Salad Leaves blend, with a colourful mix of Red Batavia, Green Batavia, Little Gem, Tango, Red Salad Bowl and Cerbiatta varieties. How to Plant. 10) Lettuce and many of the other greens in mesclun mixes grow best in cool weather. Due to the variety of greens that can be included in a mesclun mix, growing recommendations may vary slightly. In areas with hot summers, you can extend your growing season by providing shade. Lettuce contained in a Mesclun mix, likes cool weather and lots of moisture, in rich, well drained soil. Today Mesculun could be spicy herbs, lettuce, chinese greens, or even weeds. Succession planting is a popular practice with all lettuces. Growing Guide GROWING NOTES. Gourmet Baby greens mesclun. The greens had been cut just before I planted them out. I started them indoors under lights and was able to harvest them twice while indoors. Did you know that you can grow your own? Mild Mesclun Blend is a perfect stand alone salad mix. Most greens grows best in full sun, though excessive heat can cause plants to bolt to seed, or leaves to wilt. I was able to cut them 3 more times. Liquid fertilizer works well.

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