School Tour by AIS Students Enjoy the tour to our three campuses in District 2 (Thu Thiem, Thao Dien and Xi), all designed and purpose-built to provide the best setting for young people to … These subjects extend and develop into Middle school. The Australian International School Dubai is a new Australian curriculum school currently under construction in a site off Hessa Street in Al Barsha close to Nord Anglia International School, reviewed here and bordering the Arjan area of Dubai. The Australian International School Sharjah [AIS] was the first Australian school to be established in the Middle East and was formed through a partnership between the Al Sharif Investment Trading Group and the Government of Queensland, Australia. There is no reward except knowing that when a child becomes a global citizen they could make a difference, change something in this world. The Australian International School Dubai will be developed across an 8 and half acre campus, and the school will offer around 85 classrooms; a 600 seat landmark auditorium; central library; a full spectrum of dedicated Art and Music rooms; separate Science labs by specialism; ICT labs;  separate multi-purpose hall, MUGA court; SEND learning centres;  and a competition football pitch. New KHDA Report Reveals the Facts about our Schools. I wanted the highest quality of education which preserves our culture … the culture where we come from. YEAR 13: NA, Australian High School Diploma (Queensland) First, the Australian model does lose some ground, as do the American and Canadian schools offering later IB provision, because at 16 there is arguably nothing to compete with the international currency of (I)GCSE. School of the Future. Part Five. The Australian International School offers children the choice of graduating with the Australian High School Certificate or International Baccalaureate Diploma, this decided on the basis of which program will provide the best fit for individual children. The Secret Questions You Should be Asking. In the UK system, critique and investigation arguably find their most sustained voice much later during A Level study. YEAR 4: 41,800 For parents used to children returning from school each day with volumes of homework this can initially be unsettling. YEAR 3: 37,400 The QCE program follows the Queensland senior school curriculum moderated by the Queensland Studies Authority. Stop. At DIA Al Barsha we strive to offer a holistic, rigorous and international education preparing students for life beyond school as true global citizens. Raffles International School. Who? Dyslexia. Could you send the email-dress? Parents and students to nominate teachers that made the difference. Very Special. I wanted the best of the Western education system and the East in one school. If our parents are happy, that is my reward. Outstanding Rated Value Priced UAE Schools, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2021. International Concept of Education School. I realised none of the schools at that time was offering what I was looking for. ... KHDA Landscape Report 2020-2021: Enrolments Dip Slightly, But Total Number of Schools Up. Join us! Australian curriculum experience is a pre-requisite of employment at the school. However, the set up of the school is being dealt with through the original Sharjah branch – we would suggest you contact them. Find more Construction Projects in United Arab Emirates area and download a list of Infrastructure Projects. The school sits on a total 5.8 acre site located just off Hessa Street as it bridges the Al Khail Road. Updated October 2018 – new sister school under construction to be based in Al Barsha, Dubai. First Virtual School Show and Expo in the UAE. Jon Westley is the Editor of and UK. One of Britain’s oldest independent schools, the Royal Grammar School Guildford, set to open in Dubai in 2021. • Queensland centred Australian curriculum offers significant preparatory advantages over equivalent English National Curriculum based parallel stream IB Diploma schools with a better holistic fit and investigative academic approach The education sector in the UAE is made up of private and public schools with a total of 584,932 students. Notes: YEAR 6: 48,950 Bottom line? Part Five. Notes: When? Notes: • Interesting, inspirational and innovative school with an exceptional rating by the Sharjah MOE, outstandingly committed school leadership and near uniformly good feedback to Prospective parents should note that this implies a further distancing of the UK model from the alternative International Baccalaureate approach to learning. One of Britain’s oldest independent schools, the Royal Grammar School Guildford, set to open in Dubai in 20... Foremarke School Reduces Fees, Becomes Repton Al Barsha. List of 939 Best Australian Schools in Dubai (2020 Fees) ... AED 200. This project involves construction of Australian International School on Plot No. YEAR 2: 37,400 A. YEAR 9: 49,880 TV Special. Caring for the Emotional Well Being and Mental Health of Our Children. Parents and students to nominate teachers that made the difference. Best Schools In the UAE. You Decide. The more traditional, to some degree rote-based, UK approach focuses instead on the “what” to learn and as a result has a relatively restricted emphasis on children learning facts in developing a bank of core knowledge. School Leaders Reveal All. When? Shared. Arabic is the language of instruction among public schools while English is emphasized as a second language. Fees are, for Sharjah, premium running from 34,280 AED at FS stages through to 63,400 AED in Year 12. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the highest number of international schools in the Gulf region. The award by the Sharjah Inspectorate lasts until 2017. Founded in 2005, AID offers a mixed, co-educational education to around 1300 children through a Queensland curriculum with parallel International Baccalaureate Diploma [IBD] /High School Certificate post-16 provision. Right to Reply: A Levels Versus IB Qualifications? International Baccalaureate Diploma, Education Queensland (Queensland Department of Education and Training) The Australian International School Dubai is certainly one to watch. It is because we believe in what we do. Kings School Dubai. YEAR 9: 52,000 YEAR 1: 34,280

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