Although I was using Shure SM 58 for live events and RODE in the studio (god mics by the way) something, I don't know what, got my attention focused on AKG D7S. AKG D7: My last choice. I think it has less detail than e935 but it has no sibilance issues. Also its lower frequencies have clear warm tones, not muddy too much. The D7 reference dynamic vocal microphone creates the subtle and open sound of a condenser capsule with the powerful resonance of a dynamic microphone. I bought one this year and man, … This one is David Gilmour's … SPL, 600 Ohm, Laminate Varimotion membrane, Elastic suspension of capsule for reduced noise from holding, … The AKG D7 S is a reference handheld dynamic vocal microphone designed to capture vocals and instruments with condenser-like sound for artists and audio engineers in clubs, concert venues, and … Dynamic Vocal Microphone Supercardioid, 70 - 20,000 Hz, High-pass filter 80 Hz, 156 dB max.

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